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How most people live their ENTIRE life

This is going to be heavy for some of you but I promise that if you take this message to heart these thoughts can provoke a major change in your life AND your health.

One of the most powerful discoveries for disease reversal and overall having a happy life is self-awareness.

If you take this seriously, identify where you are and start addressing these parts of your life you will become unstoppable.

Which of the tree modes do you live and operate in your life right now?

#1 Survival mode: I believe most people live their entire lives in this mode.

In this mode, one doesn’t have clarity or purpose and they don’t see a way out of their current situation.

If you are not growing each month is every area of your life (especially your HEALTH), you are most likely in survival moved.

  • 1. People who are in this mode are terrified of taking risks (hire a coach, invest in themselves).
  • 2. They think the sky could fall on them at any moment.
  • 3. People in this mode wish that everything was easier.
  • 4. They are mostly focusing on themselves and feel entitled.
  • 5. They make decisions based on fear.
  • 6. They’re usually pointing the finger, blaming someone else for their problems.
  • 7. They don’t take responsibility for where they are in their life.
  • 8. They take shortcuts. They think success is by luck and chance.

If you are stuck in your health and life right now there is a very good chance you have remnants of survival mode.

Are any of the above statements describe you?

#2 Thriving mode

  • 1. Someone in this mode, things are progressing in every area of their lives.
  • It doesn’t mean that challenges don’t exist (actually the opposite). They probably face more challenges but the person who is THRIVING understands the road to greatness ONLY comes through challenges and struggles but now they expect it and are prepared for it.
  • 2. They know anything that lasts long isn’t easy and anything that is easy doesn’t last long.
  • 3. People who are thriving have big goals.
  • 4. They know what they want and they’re going after it with reckless abandonment.

Mindset of someone in thriving Mode:

  • 1. They take extreme ownership of ALL their actions and consequences negative or positive.
  • 2. They’re constantly looking at how to improve.
  • 3. They’re always examining their life and looking at how they can step up and be better.
  • 4. They wouldn’t DARE to point the finger at someone or something else.

#3 Impact Mode

I believe Impact Mode is the level we should all strive for.

Can you imagine being so healthy and abundant in every area of your life that you have the resources and ability to focus on helping other people?

People in impact mode are proactive in using their skills, and abilities to help as many people as they possibly can.

Ultimately, they have to be a healthy person first before being able to help other people for the long term.

Mindset of someone in Impact Mode:

  • 1. Open minded and Abundant
  • 2. They’re not worried about losing and failure because they’re so focused on giving.
  • 3. They are a fountain to people, not a drain.

What Mode Are You Operating In?

I think it’s important for you to know that however LOW someone falls, it just doesn’t matter.
You can be more, do more, become more, achieve more and you can turn your health around if you have the right recipes, right thinking and the right coaching…

If you are stuck in your health and life right now there is a very good chance you have remnants of survival mode.

Are any of the above statements describe you?

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