Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Wayne State University School of Medicine

“Oksana has worked in my laboratory as a research assistant for the last 4 years, and I have worked very closely with her as her mentor and PI. I have trained and supervised over 50 undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, residents and fellows on various research projects over the last 15 years. Let me state at the outset that Oksana is the best researcher who ever worked under my supervision. It is exceedingly rare to find a researcher of Oksana’s quality and I have been lucky to have her in my laboratory for the last four years.”

Accountant, Detroit, MI

“Beyond being strongly motivated, Oksana and Viktoriya are highly talented, and unerringly personable and respectful of everyone. They sincerely enjoy sharing what they learn, an attribute that makes them terrific role models for younger students and strongly committed to doing their best work and living by the personal values they have adopted. Their very difficult early life of being displaced from one country to another, having to learn English language in preteen years to interact with students and teachers, I believe contributed to their tremendous resilience and compassion in their approach to face challenges. ”

Research Associate, Wayne State University School of Medicine

“I am especially taken by Oksana’s creative mind and her remarkable problem-solving ability in coming up with newer ways to conduct research experiments. She designs protocols and co-writes numerous manuscripts . She often stays in the laboratory until late in the evening after everyone else leaves, cleaning up the laboratory, and arranging for the next day’s experiments. Oksana always pushes herself to achieve, even when difficult, rather than shying away or trying to find a way around a problem.”

Clinical Psychologist

“Oksana and Viktoriya coached me when I was transitioning to a plant-based diet. Through working with them, the following characteristics stood out: pleasant personalities, openness, confidence and a deep interest in me as their client, willingness to listen and support me all the way. They have a contagious passion for raw vegan lifestyle and they are extremely knowledgeable. Without their help and support, I would not have succeeded. I am now fitter and healthier. I feel blessed and lucky to have worked with them.”

Research Safety Office and Assistant Professor
John D. Dingell VA Medical Center
Wayne State University School of Medicine

“Oksana first came to my attention when she presented a seminar to the research staff at the VA Medical Center. This is highly unusual for our group, as seminars are usually given by principal investigators. Oksana stunned the audience, not only for the quality of the presentation and work shown, but also for the level of understanding and the depth of her investment in the science. She described leading edge work she conducted in the treatment of pancreatic and ovarian cancer. Oksana’s seminar was among the best seminars I have attended.”

Elementary Teacher

“I have been making Viktoriya’s recipes. The chocolate pudding is seriously amazing!! I used to be addicted to chocolate pudding and I couldn’t find a replacement for a healthier version, but since making your chocolate pudding, I now have a replacement. The flavor is outstanding and the pudding is so satisfying! You two are so inspiring and you make it easy being raw!”

Graphic Designer

“Viktoriya has been a huge source of inspiration for me to live a more balanced, healthier lifestyle. I used to think that eating healthy was expensive, but Viktoriya taught me that it is both realistic and achievable. Her lessons made a profound impact on my life. I learned about healthy foods that I didn’t even know existed which are both delicious and better for my body! My only regret is that I didn’t meet Viktoriya earlier!”

Head of Character Fabrication
Bix Pix Entertainment

“Viktoriya has completed an internship at Bix Pix Entertainment during the production of the second season of our children’s animated show “Tumble Leaf”, for amazon prime. As her supervisor and Department Head of Character Fabrication, I can attest to her diligence, amazing work ethic and capability to set goals and achieve them.

Viktoriya assisted in a variety of tasks that lead to the completion of animatable puppets that were used in our show. She proved herself to be an adept communicator and demonstrated the ability to manage multiple tasks and accomplish goals efficiently and according to schedule.

Viktoriya’s work performance was consistently strong and I believe she will have great success in her future endeavors. I strongly recommend her without any hesitation.”


“As a medical doctor, I am impressed by Viktoriya and Oksana’s knowledge when it comes to nutrition and vibrant theory. I followed their program on implanting more raw foods throughout a day and felt more energy for eighteen-hour days full of patient, family, and personal responsibilities.”


“I used to be caught up in the marketing of “fat free.” If there was no fat, it had to be good for you. I didn’t even think about the sugar or preservatives in all these foods. I initially got in contact with the girls through a mutual friend of ours because I had food poisoning which they helped me to recover from. And now I am integrating the information I received from them into my everyday life. I learned what is necessary to have a healthy diet and body. Thank you girls!”


“I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I will enjoy eating raw food, but after feeling so good making raw meals from their coaching program and books, I noticed that my sinuses cleared up, headaches went away and don’t feel exhausted all the time! I am now working on Day 34 of being free of dairy, meat, and wheat! This becoming more and more a part of my lifestyle. Thank you Viktoriya and Oksana for your guidance and creativity!”