Video above is RESULTS and progress OUR clients make in 30-60 days!

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Viktoriya and Oksana are experts in cellular nutrition and peer-reviewed published Immunology Scientists based in the USA (go to pubmed for publications)

They spend over 10 studying how food interacts on the cellular level when it comes to inflammation, immunity and cellular repair.

Oksana has over 20+ peer reviewed publications on immunology in scientific journal and she has presented over 40 national and international medical and health conferences.

We specialize in helping people reverse chronic inflammation using unique science-based customized nutritional approach without supplements, herbs or testing.

1. We optimize the immune function and anti-inflammatory immune response and help each client isolate what’s keeping people sick and how to use food in the right DOSAGE to accelerate cellular and organ repair. 
2. We look at the inflammation on the CELLULAR LEVEL and correct mistakes each person is making in their recovery by optimizing every step for rapid healing to take place.
3. We design a recovery plan for each person based on their organ function, sensitivities, their disease and make adjustment to their plan based on the type of progress they make.
4. What we do is a results-based that takes nutrition to the OPTIMAL level for the fastest cellular repair and immune normalization.
Our program was NOT designed based on the mold of other autoimmune protocols or authors/doctors but from our understanding of the immune system and through repeated EXPERIENCE.

Our program cannot be done without our supervision and guidance.

The videos that you see on our facebook page are the RESULTS and progress OUR clients make in 30-60 days!

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