Is food your emotional partner?

All of us have desires to be nurtured without effort on our parts, to be cared for by persons stronger than us who have our interests truly at heart.

But for most of us these desires or feelings do not rule our lives.

When they do rule our lives, then we have something more than just dependency needs or feelings; we are DEPENDENT.

I remember one of my clients who became extremely depressed when her husband left her.

He did everything for her, provided income and taken care of her.

After he left her, she could not sleep for nights, she was trembling with anxiety and she became addicted to junk food.

FOOD became her emotional partner.

All the stress, axiety and junk food made her illness worse.

On top of that, she was seriously contemplating suicide. “I can’t live without him; I am nothing without him, life is not worth living.”

She became so passively depended on him that she lost her own self of identity.

Passive dependent people are so busy seeking to be loved that they have no energy left TO love.

They never feel “fulfilled” or have a sense of completeness.

They always feel “a part of me is missing.”

They tolerate loneliness very poorly.

Because of their lack of wholeness, they have no real sense of identity, and they define themselves solely by their relationships.

So, when I asked her to speak of her goals in terms of what life situations and where she wanted to find herself at the end of the year after she reverses her disease.

She stated, “I want to have someone take care of me.”

Not once she mentioned living life with passion and purpose, making a contribution to the community, being in a position where she could go back to the job that she loved so much and not once she mentioned why she wanted to heal from scleroderma.

I told her: “If being loved is your goal, you will fail to achieve it. The only way to be assured of being loved is to be a person worthy of love. You cannot be a person worthy of love when your primary goal in life is to passively be loved or depend on someone who has to make you happy, so you feel lovable.”

This is not to say that dependent people never do things for others, but their motive in doing things is to cement the attachment of the others to them so as to assure their own care.

And when the possibility of care from another is not directly involved, they do have great difficulty in “doing things.”

Allowing yourself to be dependent on another person is the worst possible thing you can do to yourself.

You would be better off being dependent on drugs.

As long as you have a supply of it, drugs will never let you down; if it’s there, it will always make you happy.

So if you expect another person to make you happy, you’ll be endlessly disappointed.

As a matter of fact, it is no accident that the most common disturbance that dependent people manifest beyond their relationships to others is dependency on drugs, food and alcohol.

Theirs is the “addictive personality.”

They are addicted to people, and when people are not available, they often turn to the bottle or the needle or food as a people-substitute.

Ultimately it destroys rather than builds relationships, and it destroys rather than builds health.

Note: thanks to our client for giving us permission to share her story.

p.s. everyone asks what kind of probiotics we recommend? We help people reverse inflammation and heal their leaky gut (without any supplements), but this is the probiotics that some of our clients were taking for a short period of time for their specific case.

Problems are opportunities for you to advance

Have it ever happened to you when you trusted someone and they failed you, or you trusted someone and they lied, or even stole from you?

Someone informed us that one of our clients that we worked with has ripped us off and when we confronted her, she denied everything even though we had all the evidence what she has done.

If you are a business owner and an innovator, this is what you need to be aware of: if you haven’t faced the issue of people “stealing” from you, you will eventually.

If you haven’t dealt with good and bad team members leaving… you will eventually.

We have, do and will continue to deal with these issues.

This is part of growth and what we had to learn that problems are just opportunities for us to advance.

Here are some philosophical thoughts I learned from our coach:

1. You can’t control others actions, morals, loyalty and ethics. You can only control yours and that is what your focus should be on.

2. Don’t let others steal your joy, peace and or quality of life. That’s your choice.

3. Adjust your expectations.

Whether you realize it or not, you signed up for challenges, conflict and pain.

The problem is when we assume we didn’t and then get disappointed and our feelings hurt when someone steals from us.

So embrace it.

If you’re an innovator you’ll always be copied.

That’s just how it goes.

So expect the downside of working with people and continue to focus on innovating.

4. It’s an opportunity to become “anti-fragile”.
If you get mad, emotional or pissed, your-identity, security and ego are probably fragile.

Don’t be easily broken.

Let it be an opportunity to test your fragility.

Appreciate it.

Anti-fragility is adaptability.

Adaptability is strength.

5. Focus on production and betterment.

Better you, better product, better processes, better team, better company culture, etc.

6. Time and consistency are your allies.

When you consistently focus on hitting higher highs, you’ll win.

Stay locked in on YOUR game and watch the power of compound consistency do the heavy lifting.

This is one of the hardest things in the world and most people quit.

Don’t quit.

7. Detach.

Often, we are hurt because we are too attached and closed handed.

Detached = healthy boundaries.

Attached = unhealthy boundaries.

When you’re attached, it’s easy for you to be offended.

Also, when we’re not aware and secure in ourselves, our vision and where we’re going, we lack confidence and clarity.

That shouldn’t come from your clients or team.

It’s unhealthy to put that un-realized responsibility on them.

From this experience, we had to learn how to let go of things we cannot control, and instead focus on becoming a better better people.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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Make a choice to be grateful

There’s a difference between bad things happening and suffering.

While we can’t prevent bad things from happening, suffering is always a choice.

My grandfather was a survivor of World War II. He lost his parents and barely survived himself. He was the youngest of six children and one who lived the longest. In spite of everything he endured, he was always happy, who told me that “every day you wake up is a good day.”

Not matter how bad the storm gets, you have to find the good, you have to find the hope, you have to choose to be lucky.

After years of little food, and despair, he could have been lost in thoughts about how awful he has been treated during the war and felt depressed.

He could have been worrying and anxious about his future.

But instead, he found hope and happiness.

If he could do that, then all of us can.

Years later he got married, build a farm in Ukraine, at which my sister and I spend many summers.

And when he died in 2010 of prostate cancer, I cried and then I remembered what he told me: “I have to keep on living, feel hope and be grateful for your life. And to remember to live a life of purpose in service to others.”

And I miss him dearly, but I never forgot his words.

We can face pain and illness and still choose hope.

He taught me to choose.

So I refuse to choose suffering.

You can be grateful and overwhelmed with gratitude, no matter how flooded you are with pain or you can suffer even when the sun is shining.

It’s always a choice.

You can make the choices to be grateful in the moment for who you are and everything you have, even if the storm is raging outside.

I hope you do it.

I feel grateful.

I hope no matter where you are; whether it’s pouring rain or whether the sun is shining, I hope you feel grateful too.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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Taking full responsibility vs being a victim

Almost most people from time to time seek to avoid the pain of assuming responsibility for their own problems.

When I started working at the medical center, I became dedicated to my work and my own education than most of my fellow coworkers that I found myself working much longer hours than they are.

As a result, I would watch my fellow coworkers leave the lab at four-thirty each afternoon for their homes, while I was still working in the lab up to nine o’clock at night.

So I went to speak with my mentor, Dr. G, a Chief of Staff at the Medical Center and explained the situation to him.

He listened to me to very intently and receptively.

When I was finished, after a moment of silence, he said to me, “Well, I can see that you do have a problem.”

“Thank you,” I said. “what do you think should be done about it?”

To this Dr. G replied, “I told you, Oksana, you do have a problem.”

This is hardly the response I expected. “What do you think I ought to do about it?”

“Oksana,” Dr. G replied, “I want you to listen. Listen closely and I will say it again. I agree with you. You do have a problem. Specifically, you have a problem with time. YOUR time. Not my time. You, Oksana, have a problem with your time.”

Here I gone to him humbly asking for just a little bit of help, a little bit of advice, and he wasn’t even willing to assume enough responsibility even to try to help me.

After a few weeks went by, I realized that he was right.

My time was my responsibility.

It was up to me alone to decide how I wanted to use and order my time.

If I wanted to invest my time more heavily than my fellow coworkers, then that was my choice, and the consequences of that choices were my responsibility.

The difficulty we have in accepting responsibility for our behavior lies in the desire to avoid the pain of the consequences of that behavior.

By requesting Dr. G. to assume responsibility for the structure of my time, I was attempting to avoid the pain of working long hours, even though working long hours was dedicated to my work.

Whatever we seek to avoid the responsibility, we then give away our power to someone else.

What also made me realize now that most people who come to have us help them reverse their autoimmune disease, they have one common problem:

The sense of helplessness, the fear and inner conviction of being unable to cope and to change things.

They escape responsibility for their own problems and their lives.

Sooner or later, if they are to be healed, they must learn that the entirely of ones’ adult life is series of personal choices, decisions.

If they want to reverse their chronic illness, it is THEIR responsibility to do so.

If they can accept this totally, then they become free people.

If they do not accept, this they will forever feel themselves victims.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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This blocks your ability to LEARN and to RECEIVE

Victim mentality is the most dangerous thing that you can fall into in your life.

It blocks your ability to LEARN and to RECEIVE.

There might be no other philosophy that is as damaging as victimhood, because nobody who is a victim is aware of the fact that they are being a victim.

Most of the times people who live in this victimhood, they think that everything is someone else’s fault.

But when you think that way, what you are doing is that you are giving away control over your future and it is robbing you of control to fix things.

I understand that there may be things in your life that happened that was not your fault.

Those things might have been damaging, frustrating and unfair.

👉Our client with Scleroderma and Hashimotos was diagnosed with esophageal dismobility. Three months later, she could not swallow and was put on a feeding tube. The doctor said there is NOTHING she can do and most likely will never recover.

For decades she had Hashimotos – which was never fixed.

The doctors just gave her medicine to manage her thyroid levels.

So the disease progressed and she developed other autoimmune issues that left her disable and on the feeding tube.

Guess what, she recovered because she refused to give up.

👉Another client, undergone multiple surgeries when the last surgery took a big toll on her, it left her traumatized. She invested a total of $20,000 into western medicine, holistic doctors, exploratory studies, functional doctors and yet she was still suffering and hurting with joint pain, anemia, ibs,PCOS, lupus.

Guess what, she is now fully recovered too.

There is a lot that could have happened to you that might have not been your fault.

But the responsibility to move forward is on YOU.

The responsibility to grow through and move forward is not on the person or the system that hurt you, it is not on them- it is on you.

So what is better than victimhood?

It is ownership.

The ability to look at your life and say this instead: “Look what has been done to me is not good, and it was not fair and it wasn’t my fault, but I am going to own this situation at hand because the responsibility to move forward is MY responsibility.”

That is the secret.

Take control and move forward.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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“My doctor was going to radiate my thyroid”

After a physical with her doctor about a year ago, our client Susan, learned that she was dealing with Grave’s disease and positive antibodies that were attacking her thyroid.

Watch Susan’s video testimonial here:

At that point she had rapid heart rate, poor sleep, extreme hair loss, low energy, and hand tremors. She tried medications, but it is affecting her liver, so her endocrinologist wanted to remove her thyroid, which she refused.

So then Susan came across our Facebook ad, scheduled her call right away and after speaking together, she felt reassured that we could help her.

We showed her how to make step by step improves with her diet specifically for rapid reversal of inflammation and how to optimize her immune function and cellular repair with nutrition.

We also monitor her daily progress and provided daily feedback on her recovery, education, and addressed any issues that arose along the way.

Susan was very committed, and it was a joy to work with her from day one!

In only 40 days, she reported that she virtually had no joint pain, less brain fog, more energy, and a deeper sleep.

Her husband also implemented some of the things they both learned in our program and he lost weight, has more energy, less joint pain and lower blood pressure.   

We tell each client from day one that their results depend on their participation.

We put our heart and soul into taking care of every single person who joins our rapid disease reversal program and the people who do the work get better emotionally and physically.

We want this to be a lesson for everyone that no one can help you if you don’t let them, and you are ultimately responsible for your health and your life.

I hope Susan’s journey inspires you to get your health back!

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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“I got tired of living like that” – reversal of ulcerative colitis

I remember my first call with Brian about a year ago.

He was taking mesalamine medications and eating healthy and yet medications were not working and his symptoms kept coming back every couple of months.

Before he decided to join our 1-1 ulcerative colitis reversal program, he was suffering with the following: positive ANA for celiac, anemia, erosive gastritis, duodentitis, chronic proctitis, sigmoiditis, internal hemorrhoid, tenesmus, non-stop bloody and mucusy stool.

Right before Christmas time of 2019, his symptoms came back again and he made a promise to himself that if it happened again, he will reach out to us to work with us 1-1.

That’s what we love about Brian. He made a promise to himself and he stuck with it!

He didn’t disappear or run away or let his fear or anyone get in a way of his promise to himself.

In 30 days, his blood and mucus stopped, and he no longer had any hemorrhoid pain! He went from feeling tired to full of energy and was able to work 11-13 hour days without any caffeine, supplements or stimuli.

Brian saw dramatic improvement in his energy and mood, on day 19, he reported to us: “My mood is excellent, another great day! Feeling good 99% of the time.”

We are so excited for Brian to live a life full of energy, pain free, and without limitations.

Here is the thing…

We are taught that most serious diseases don’t ever go away, all we can do is use medications or surgeries to treat the symptoms, but never address the actual ROOT CAUSE of the disease and give the body what it needs to repair itself.

Many people who came to us already tried so many different diets such as: vegan, paleo, keto, raw vegan, wfpb, juice fasting, water fasting and yet they were still suffering and in pain. They still did not know how to eliminate their autoimmune issues until they optimize their nutrition/lifestyle and isolate anything that is causing them not to get better.

We are dedicated to every person every day to help them achieve full recovery – no days off and each person gets the individual help they need to get their health back – as long as they participate and reach out for help.

It is the culmination of our life’s work because we love to hold people’s hands, help them overcome self-sabotage, negative mental habits, anxiety and identify what is still holding them back.

***What we teach is completely scientific and it is reproducible.***

It works for everyone who has a chronic inflammatory illness, but you have to be willing to follow our process for AS LONG AS IT TAKES. Whether it will take you 4 weeks to become symptom free or 1 year, you have to continue implementing everything we teach you in our program.

What we do works as long as you are coachable and open minded and you are ready to participate, and do the work.

If you are ready to learn how to transform your health into a lifestyle that would allow you to live the rest of your life pain free, apply to see if you are a fit for our autoimmune reversal program:

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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“This is the best decision I have ever made for my health and my life.” – reversal of hashimoto’s and gastritis

We are so excited to share another success story from our client whose thyroid antibodies were cut in half in only 30 days in our 1-1 Autoimmune Reversal Program.

Watch her video testimonial here:

She went from having difficulty getting out of bed to full of energy, brain fog went away (she was able to think better), sleep better, iron levels went up, dizziness was gone, and started to feel good again.

You might notice that our Autoimmune Reversal Program is more than a nutritional program.

It’s a learning experience.

Once you start your recovery, you will learn so much about yourself.

Anything in your daily life that stops you from achieving full disease reversal will come up when you are trying to heal, whether it is procrastination, fear, blame, trauma, addiction or unworthiness. We will face it all together so you can finally heal.

Graduates of the program tell us they not only feel healthy physically, but they are happier.

When you feed your body and your spirit right, everything gets better: your physical pain, your mood, your sleep, and your autoimmune disease.

Thank you Tanya for sharing your story and inspiring others who still don’t realize what’s possible for them once they address the root cause of their symptoms and start actually reversing instead of managing their disease.

With the right process and coaching, autoimmune diseases go away.

We want you to be autoimmune disease conqueror just like Tanya is!

When you accept that you have the right to be happy, you have the right to thrive, to succeed, you will experience healing that you have never thought was possible.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition

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A lot of emotional pain comes from holding on to anger

For many people, forgiveness is a vital part of letting go of past pain. When people are trying to let go of illness and pain, a lot of times, I find them store emotional pain in their bodies.

It makes sense of you think about it. We know from experience that anxiety, depression, and stress is inflammatory in the body.

If you haven’t released the emotional pain, you can’t release the PHYSICAL pain that goes with it.

A lot of emotional pain comes from holding on to anger and holding on to hurt.

I will never forget one client who grew up in a very rough, strict and abusive family.

She jointed our disease reversal program so we can help her recover from her chronic digestive issues.

Once we started working with her, and getting to know her story, she was dealing with a lot more than just digestive issue. What we discovered that when she was a child, as a punishment, her mother would not give her any food to eat for days and was verbally abusive towards her.

At 18 years old, she moved away to start her own business, yet her traumatic childhood experience continued to hunt her.

In order to heal both physically, we need to learn how to make peace with our past and others.

Clients often tell me that they feel like forgiving a person means they are condoning what they did, like we let them off the hook.

The truth is, holding on to anger and hurt about something or someone else did does not hurt the other person at all. They don’t feel your pain.

When you forgive, you are saying “I won’t let you hurt me anymore. I won’t let you steal my health or happiness.”

We forgive so we can move on.

When we hold on to anger, we are putting ourselves in prison.

We are not letting ourselves have the happiness we want.

You have to realize that we become darker and darker when others hurt us, and more capable of hurting others as well and even repelling people who love us and DO want to help.

I think it helps if you think of the person who hurt you as someone who is not evil or awful but someone who FORGOT THEMSELVES. When we see the other person as someone who’s lost in the darkness, we can forgive.

Not only for them, but for us.

We don’t need to carry that pain forever.

Anger and holding on to pain is how people continue to hurt us.

To end all that, forgive.

– Viktoriya and Oksana are experts in cellular nutrition and peer-reviewed published Immunology Scientists specializing in helping people reverse autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory conditions. Learn how we can help you recovery from autoimmunity here:

“I already eat healthy and my problem is too hard to solve.”

Are you in a habit of fortune telling?

This mental habit is one that we frequently see in our clients who have a history of giving up. This is that habit of believing that if you think about something long enough, you can predict what will happen.

“I just know it is not going to work, because I already tried something LIKE that, and it didn’t work.” Or “I already eat healthy and my problem is too hard to solve, so no one can solve it.”

I talked to someone on the call a month ago who assumed that it will take her a long time to recover and it’s going to be too hard.

So, she then decided based on the imaginary future she came up with, that she couldn’t do it. She effectively stopped herself before she started, all in her own MIND.

If you’re stuck in fortune telling, you are not in reality.

You’re causing suffering for yourself in an imaginary world that doesn’t even exist in the here and now.

Most of the time we’re wrong about the outcome we’re actually predicting, and the things you are predicting will likely NEVER happen, but you still suffer as if they do.

You’re stuck in a negative place because you’re trying to predict what will happen BEFORE it happens.

Fortune telling is a mental habit that takes you out of the game and stops you before you even truly try. If this is you, say that’s me. Own it!

Think about how it has robbed you of your happiness and prevents you from achieving full recovery.

Catch yourself doing it and stop yourself.

None of us know what will happen.

If something bad happens, we’ll fix it.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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