Is food your emotional partner?

All of us have desires to be nurtured without effort on our parts, to be cared for by persons stronger than us who have our interests truly at heart.

But for most of us these desires or feelings do not rule our lives.

When they do rule our lives, then we have something more than just dependency needs or feelings; we are DEPENDENT.

I remember one of my clients who became extremely depressed when her husband left her.

He did everything for her, provided income and taken care of her.

After he left her, she could not sleep for nights, she was trembling with anxiety and she became addicted to junk food.

FOOD became her emotional partner.

All the stress, axiety and junk food made her illness worse.

On top of that, she was seriously contemplating suicide. “I can’t live without him; I am nothing without him, life is not worth living.”

She became so passively depended on him that she lost her own self of identity.

Passive dependent people are so busy seeking to be loved that they have no energy left TO love.

They never feel “fulfilled” or have a sense of completeness.

They always feel “a part of me is missing.”

They tolerate loneliness very poorly.

Because of their lack of wholeness, they have no real sense of identity, and they define themselves solely by their relationships.

So, when I asked her to speak of her goals in terms of what life situations and where she wanted to find herself at the end of the year after she reverses her disease.

She stated, “I want to have someone take care of me.”

Not once she mentioned living life with passion and purpose, making a contribution to the community, being in a position where she could go back to the job that she loved so much and not once she mentioned why she wanted to heal from scleroderma.

I told her: “If being loved is your goal, you will fail to achieve it. The only way to be assured of being loved is to be a person worthy of love. You cannot be a person worthy of love when your primary goal in life is to passively be loved or depend on someone who has to make you happy, so you feel lovable.”

This is not to say that dependent people never do things for others, but their motive in doing things is to cement the attachment of the others to them so as to assure their own care.

And when the possibility of care from another is not directly involved, they do have great difficulty in “doing things.”

Allowing yourself to be dependent on another person is the worst possible thing you can do to yourself.

You would be better off being dependent on drugs.

As long as you have a supply of it, drugs will never let you down; if it’s there, it will always make you happy.

So if you expect another person to make you happy, you’ll be endlessly disappointed.

As a matter of fact, it is no accident that the most common disturbance that dependent people manifest beyond their relationships to others is dependency on drugs, food and alcohol.

Theirs is the “addictive personality.”

They are addicted to people, and when people are not available, they often turn to the bottle or the needle or food as a people-substitute.

Ultimately it destroys rather than builds relationships, and it destroys rather than builds health.

Note: thanks to our client for giving us permission to share her story.

p.s. everyone asks what kind of probiotics we recommend? We help people reverse inflammation and heal their leaky gut (without any supplements), but this is the probiotics that some of our clients were taking for a short period of time for their specific case.

Thoughts and theories can be wrong, but results are results

I found myself having a conversation with a few people who shared some interesting information regarding why they haven’t reversed their illness yet.

I started to spot the similarities in their stories.

It wasn’t lack of determination, will, or even money that was holding them back.

Rather, each and every one of them had a basket of bad advice delivered by someone who has no clue what it takes to reverse disease for OTHERS.

And it robbed them of the courage to take action and have trust because they have invested into so many programs that didn’t work.

I really want you all to listen….

You can’t take advice from people who have failed at what you want to accomplish or don’t have the experience healing people at a rate as my sister and I have.

You may think you can learn from their mistakes, but in most cases you simply can’t.

They only know how to do it wrong, and they’ll put the wrong spin on any advice they give you.

If you are seeing someone who is not interested in disease reversal or doesn’t have the experience, he/she is not going to have answers for you and will most likely give you wrong advice based on what they assume.

They are not going to interpret what is going on with you in terms of if you are actually getting better or not.

It is just not the way they operate because it is not their EXPERIENCE or expertise.

We base all of our recommendations on actual and consistent results in real people, never based on things we read or assume.

As immunology scientists dedicated to helping others as much as we possibly can, we believe that is the only way to teach the truth.

Thoughts and theories can be wrong, but results are results.

You cannot simply buy, read, or copy our personal data, results AND experience. Our experience is earned by us and it something that you cannot simply duplicate.

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Problems are opportunities for you to advance

Have it ever happened to you when you trusted someone and they failed you, or you trusted someone and they lied, or even stole from you?

Someone informed us that one of our clients that we worked with has ripped us off and when we confronted her, she denied everything even though we had all the evidence what she has done.

If you are a business owner and an innovator, this is what you need to be aware of: if you haven’t faced the issue of people “stealing” from you, you will eventually.

If you haven’t dealt with good and bad team members leaving… you will eventually.

We have, do and will continue to deal with these issues.

This is part of growth and what we had to learn that problems are just opportunities for us to advance.

Here are some philosophical thoughts I learned from our coach:

1. You can’t control others actions, morals, loyalty and ethics. You can only control yours and that is what your focus should be on.

2. Don’t let others steal your joy, peace and or quality of life. That’s your choice.

3. Adjust your expectations.

Whether you realize it or not, you signed up for challenges, conflict and pain.

The problem is when we assume we didn’t and then get disappointed and our feelings hurt when someone steals from us.

So embrace it.

If you’re an innovator you’ll always be copied.

That’s just how it goes.

So expect the downside of working with people and continue to focus on innovating.

4. It’s an opportunity to become “anti-fragile”.
If you get mad, emotional or pissed, your-identity, security and ego are probably fragile.

Don’t be easily broken.

Let it be an opportunity to test your fragility.

Appreciate it.

Anti-fragility is adaptability.

Adaptability is strength.

5. Focus on production and betterment.

Better you, better product, better processes, better team, better company culture, etc.

6. Time and consistency are your allies.

When you consistently focus on hitting higher highs, you’ll win.

Stay locked in on YOUR game and watch the power of compound consistency do the heavy lifting.

This is one of the hardest things in the world and most people quit.

Don’t quit.

7. Detach.

Often, we are hurt because we are too attached and closed handed.

Detached = healthy boundaries.

Attached = unhealthy boundaries.

When you’re attached, it’s easy for you to be offended.

Also, when we’re not aware and secure in ourselves, our vision and where we’re going, we lack confidence and clarity.

That shouldn’t come from your clients or team.

It’s unhealthy to put that un-realized responsibility on them.

From this experience, we had to learn how to let go of things we cannot control, and instead focus on becoming a better better people.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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No more interstitial cystitis, no more headache, no more migranes, more more fatigue

“My husband and I were blown away but what you get from YOUR program for the money and the results. In the last 6 weeks, because of my productivity has gone up so much, your program has given me 100 times return on my investment, because I’m able to get on and run my business the way I want to without feeling exhausted and sick all the time.”


• recurring UTI’s – 7• interstitial cystitis• laryngitis twice in last 6 months• severe ear infection• heart races after eating• hair thinning• exhaustion• weight gain (16 lbs overweight), hard to lose weight• leaky gut• secretory IgA: 2,156 (high)• Calprotectin (stool inflammation level) 362 (high)

30 days after:

• Calprotectin (stool inflammation level) <16• proteus vulgaris is gone• secretory IgA went down• no more interstitial cystitis• no more headache• no more ear infections• no more sore back• no more hair loss• no more migranes• no more grey hair• no more fatigue• no more sinusitis• 15 lbs of weight loss

“Whenever I took antibiotics, they made me feel so poorly. Since day 5 in the program, I haven’t had no headache, no stomachache and the fact that I have lost 15-16 lbs as well which made it an extra benefit. My husband is super happy. He was worried about me constantly getting sick and it was affecting our relationship.”

Clients ask: “what’s the difference between our program and doctors or naturopath or function medicine doctors?”

Lucy who has gone through our program has said this how our process is difference since she has tried so many other things prior to working with us:

“What I really like about your program, is that it’s so prescriptive.”

“What worked super well is that you said, ‘exactly this, exactly that’.

By the morning, you say, ‘make this change, try this instead’ and it made it doable. The fact is that infections went away SO FAST, it made it so much easier. Just the fact that you told me what to do, when to do it, daily check in.”

Lucy was discussing with her husband and she told him the daily support and help that we give and the RESULTS that our clients get in a matter of a couple of weeks, he said “It only costs THIS much?”

“My husband and I were blown away but what you get from YOUR program for the money and the results.”

And when she sent her lab results to her doctor and he said, “What have you been doing to get this changed, the results are insane!” He even went to check our website and said “these girls look amazing.”

Doctors often just medicate the symptoms, so you don’t feel them, rather than listening to the symptoms to fix the CAUSE and get healthier so your body doesn’t need to send that signal anymore.

No one and not even doctors are getting the type of results we are getting in a matter of weeks, because they don’t have the knowledge or experience reversing diseases the way that we have been doing.

What we do is not something you can read a book about or learn on google, it comes from decades of experience and expertise in what our cells need to stimulate rapid repair.

What we do is not just nutrition, it is a disease reversal PROCESS that cannot be done without our 1-1 guidance.

Viktoriya and Oksana Immune System and Cellular Repair (

“Stop treating symptoms and instead do this” covid nurse

“Autoimmune disease is a very serious thing and I see this every day with my patients.” – covid nurse who reversed her autoimmune Sjogrens symptoms with Viktoriya and Oksana

Yesterday I had a very sick 53-year-old rheumatoid arthritis patient and I was devastated for her.

I told her enough is enough.

Do not be living like this.

There is hope.

And last week, I had a 28-year-old ulcerative colitis patient and I told her: “you need a life; you should not be coming back to the hospital twice per week. That inflammation of your colon can be healed.”

I am seeing my patients and they are just so ignorant.
I was so ignorant too.

I am the first person who had an autoimmune disease in my family despite eating so healthy all my life, I had no idea what Sjogren’s was until now.

My family are all doctors and they have NO clue when it comes to cellular nutrition and disease reversal.

Five and ten years from now if a person doesn’t reverse their disease, their organs are not going to function, especially if they start using medication.

And I give these drugs to my autoimmune patients and they do not have a life.

They are basically like walking dead people on earth.

They are dependent on dialysis.

This is what is going to happen to us because these medications are severely destructive to our primary organs.

My arthritis patient was about to be discharged and a primary doctor and rheumatologist were fighting because they were disagreeing about the final decision that would be the best for the patient.

I was just so sad.

And I was telling my patients: “this medication is not good. I am sorry I am giving this, because this is the doctors order.”

Medications does not only destroy bones, but the liver, the kidneys, and the skin.

A person is so trapped unless they really heal their cells, and this is what I wanted to do for my body.

21 days since working with Viktoriya and Oksana and fixing my immune system through natural approach, without stem cell therapy, without medications and without supplements, I’m symptom free and no longer need that medication that my rheumatologist prescribed for me to take.

Not only we need to stop the autoimmunity from progressing, but we also need our body to repair and heal from all the damage that was done by the disease and/or by the medications.

The sooner someone starts the repair process, the faster they can get their health and life back.

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“What you have done is you simplified it. It has been easy to stay on the program.”

Before our client joined our program, he worked with a nutritionist who has given him a ton of supplements to take.

It didn’t make sense to him to be taking all those supplements that were costing him 600$ per month, without seeing much progress.

His goal was to find the cause of inflammation and hypothyroidism SYMPTOMS and reverse it. He was committed to resolving his health issues.

Not only did his thyroid labs improved but also his hypothyroid symptoms were gone in the program. Thyroid medicine that he was taking was not fixing his symptoms nor his labs!

Now his labs are normalizing and he no longer needs that much thyroid medication anymore as you can see below.

He joined our program, because “I like how knowledgeable you are when it comes to nutrition for disease reversal.”

In this video, he mentioned “I learned so much from you and I learned what I was doing wrong”

There is so much information about nutrition and “it is all very confusing and what you have done is you simplified it. It has been easy to stay on the program.

I didn’t have any problem.”

“I enjoyed that we have daily communication with me and that you care and give good direction.”

One of the reasons why our clients report the greatest improvements in their health they’ve seen in years, decades, in just six weeks with us, it is because of the following reasons:

Oksana and I are aware of their entire health history and looking over their shoulder every single day, correcting every single mistake they are making.

If you are struggling with your recovery and not seeing much progress in a matter of weeks, then you may be time to work with us directly so we can help you get your recovery plan right and get your health back.

  • 👉Before 40 days:
  • Body aches and pain chills
  • Fatigue high inflammation
  • hypothyroidism SYMPTOMS
  • Lethargic
  • TSH is 157 very high (march 2020)
  • T4, Free 0.4 (low while taking thyroid medication)
  • T3, Free 1.4 (low while taking thyroid medication)
  • 👉After 40 days:
  • No more fatigue
  • No more aches and pain
  • No more chills
  • No more lethargic
  • Inflammation is down
  • TSH is 0.476 (normal range august 2020)
  • T4 free is 1.9 (high because taking thyroid medication which needs to be lowered now!
  • No longer needs as much thyroid medication because thyroid is functioning better)T3 free is 3.6 (normal!)

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No more IBS, no more GERD, no more high blood pressure, no more heart palpitation: 40 days

“I probably would have not been as successful if I didn’t have you guys every day for the last 40 days.”

In the last 15 years, our client has been dealing with IBS symptoms “when I was teaching or went on vacation, I had to stay close to the bathroom. It was embarrassing”

She tried acupuncture, various diets, exercise, naturopathic doctors, supplementation, and have invested over $10,000 on her health in the last 4-5 years.

Yet she still suffered with digestive issues, high blood pressure, acid reflux, heart palpitation, weight gain, GERD, and she was tired of just feeling this way.

She decided to do our program, because “it’s either this or I’m going to stay the same or get worse”

Since working with us, she hasn’t had any IBS symptoms at all, and her blood pressure normalized within days, so she was very happy with the results.

Even her niece and her family noticed how great she looks and told her: “your skin looks amazing, what have you been doing?”

Alisa came across our Facebook ad and she had to ask herself: “Do I want to keep going for another 5 years feeling like this or do I want to just go ahead and take a risk.”

She decided to join our 1-1 disease reversal program and she was glad that she did.

She knew if she is going to have more energy, less pain and live longer, why should she want to stop herself and NOT do something that works?

And this is exactly what successful people do, they also have fear, but successful people take action anyway because their GOAL is what matters the most and they are not going to let bad experiences, or fear stop them from their recovery.

Every time somebody tells you to eat something or do something, you have to ask “how many people have they healed on THEIR program?

You wouldn’t let your naturopath perform open-heart surgery on you, and in the same way you shouldn’t let a naturopath, or your general doctor tell you what you need to do to reverse your disease.

Doctors/naturopaths/random nutritionists don’t usually reverse diseases.

Most doctors make their living from chronic diseases and many of our clients get positive results as fast as 6 weeks and they don’t need us again.
So, success comes from having the right person in the right JOB at the right TIME with the right SKILL SET to reverse life-threatening illnesses.


• digestive issues• GERD• IBS• muscle pain/joints (every morning have stiffness; right knee is swollen)• high blood pressure 162/99• muscle twitching• heart palpitations• prediabetic• hair loss• low energy• weight gain

After 40 days:

• Lost 18 lbs• No more hair loss• No more digestive issues• No more high blood pressure• Blood pressure is now 98/72 • No more GERD• No more acid reflux• No more back pain• No more heart palpitation• Feels stronger and legs don’t feel as weak• Has glowing skin• Great mood

What metabolism has to do with disease reversal?

What makes our process different that it is not just a meal plan, we provide daily support, education, coaching.

This is a short clip from one of our coaching sessions with some of our clients on metabolism.

Metabolism is the SUM of all the biological processes in your body, it is your body’s ability to change.

So when you’re sick, your body has changed state.

When you’re ill, your immune system lunches an all-out assault against the foreign invaders that are creating sickness in your body and works to return it to health and equilibrium.

The faster your metabolism does that, the faster it’s able to fight off any sickness or illness that’s in your body.

You can thank your metabolism for:

  • How quickly you lose weight
  • How much weight you lose
  • Your ability to build muscle
  • How quickly you can build muscle
  • Your resistance to disease
  • How quickly you can recover from disease
  • So, your metabolism affects SO MUCH more than weight loss.

It also affects:

  • How well your heart functions
  • How well your muscles created strength and actively freely
  • How all your organs are working

Everything that you are and can do physically is a result of the health or the unhealthiness of those cells.

The better you feed your body the nutrients it needs, the better your metabolism will be and, therefore, the better your results in not only fat loss/muscle gain but also in disease reversal.

And if you are underweight due to illness, when you fix your cells, you will GAIN a healthy weight.

So it is about fixing your cells and giving your cells the nutrients they need to bring back to health whether it is reverse an illness, lose or gain weight, have better hair and skin, have more energy and better memory.

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Taking full responsibility vs being a victim

Almost most people from time to time seek to avoid the pain of assuming responsibility for their own problems.

When I started working at the medical center, I became dedicated to my work and my own education than most of my fellow coworkers that I found myself working much longer hours than they are.

As a result, I would watch my fellow coworkers leave the lab at four-thirty each afternoon for their homes, while I was still working in the lab up to nine o’clock at night.

So I went to speak with my mentor, Dr. G, a Chief of Staff at the Medical Center and explained the situation to him.

He listened to me to very intently and receptively.

When I was finished, after a moment of silence, he said to me, “Well, I can see that you do have a problem.”

“Thank you,” I said. “what do you think should be done about it?”

To this Dr. G replied, “I told you, Oksana, you do have a problem.”

This is hardly the response I expected. “What do you think I ought to do about it?”

“Oksana,” Dr. G replied, “I want you to listen. Listen closely and I will say it again. I agree with you. You do have a problem. Specifically, you have a problem with time. YOUR time. Not my time. You, Oksana, have a problem with your time.”

Here I gone to him humbly asking for just a little bit of help, a little bit of advice, and he wasn’t even willing to assume enough responsibility even to try to help me.

After a few weeks went by, I realized that he was right.

My time was my responsibility.

It was up to me alone to decide how I wanted to use and order my time.

If I wanted to invest my time more heavily than my fellow coworkers, then that was my choice, and the consequences of that choices were my responsibility.

The difficulty we have in accepting responsibility for our behavior lies in the desire to avoid the pain of the consequences of that behavior.

By requesting Dr. G. to assume responsibility for the structure of my time, I was attempting to avoid the pain of working long hours, even though working long hours was dedicated to my work.

Whatever we seek to avoid the responsibility, we then give away our power to someone else.

What also made me realize now that most people who come to have us help them reverse their autoimmune disease, they have one common problem:

The sense of helplessness, the fear and inner conviction of being unable to cope and to change things.

They escape responsibility for their own problems and their lives.

Sooner or later, if they are to be healed, they must learn that the entirely of ones’ adult life is series of personal choices, decisions.

If they want to reverse their chronic illness, it is THEIR responsibility to do so.

If they can accept this totally, then they become free people.

If they do not accept, this they will forever feel themselves victims.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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This blocks your ability to LEARN and to RECEIVE

Victim mentality is the most dangerous thing that you can fall into in your life.

It blocks your ability to LEARN and to RECEIVE.

There might be no other philosophy that is as damaging as victimhood, because nobody who is a victim is aware of the fact that they are being a victim.

Most of the times people who live in this victimhood, they think that everything is someone else’s fault.

But when you think that way, what you are doing is that you are giving away control over your future and it is robbing you of control to fix things.

I understand that there may be things in your life that happened that was not your fault.

Those things might have been damaging, frustrating and unfair.

👉Our client with Scleroderma and Hashimotos was diagnosed with esophageal dismobility. Three months later, she could not swallow and was put on a feeding tube. The doctor said there is NOTHING she can do and most likely will never recover.

For decades she had Hashimotos – which was never fixed.

The doctors just gave her medicine to manage her thyroid levels.

So the disease progressed and she developed other autoimmune issues that left her disable and on the feeding tube.

Guess what, she recovered because she refused to give up.

👉Another client, undergone multiple surgeries when the last surgery took a big toll on her, it left her traumatized. She invested a total of $20,000 into western medicine, holistic doctors, exploratory studies, functional doctors and yet she was still suffering and hurting with joint pain, anemia, ibs,PCOS, lupus.

Guess what, she is now fully recovered too.

There is a lot that could have happened to you that might have not been your fault.

But the responsibility to move forward is on YOU.

The responsibility to grow through and move forward is not on the person or the system that hurt you, it is not on them- it is on you.

So what is better than victimhood?

It is ownership.

The ability to look at your life and say this instead: “Look what has been done to me is not good, and it was not fair and it wasn’t my fault, but I am going to own this situation at hand because the responsibility to move forward is MY responsibility.”

That is the secret.

Take control and move forward.

Viktoriya and Oksana LLC Peer-reviewed published Scientists and experts in optimizing the immune function using science-based cellular nutrition.

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