I want to tell you about two friends I’ve knows since I was a kid. These two characters, grew up together, went to school together, and graduated together. I got along with both of them. They had identical childhood, and both worked very hard. They  both had more than enough drive and ambition to make up for whatever strikes they had against them. When you add it all up, in terms of their potential, I would say they were evenly matched. In fact, they were identical in every way.

The first friend worked 3 different jobs, didn’t take much care of her health and eventually got sick – gained weight, was depressed, was tired all the time, experienced hair loss, and gut issues.

Then there was my other friend, she was someone I admired – each day she took care of her health, was surrounded by amazing supportive friends and mentors, graduated on top of her class with honors, had full of energy and enthusiasm for life and is happy beyond measure. Yet she still stays in touch with her childhood friend.

In fact, they stay in VERY close in touch.

I often think about these two, because I know I could have been either one of the. Matter of fact, I WAS. Because here is the one piece of the story I left out: the reason those two went to school together, and the reason they are still in constant contact today, its that they are one and the same person.

They are both me.

That girl who sick and frustrated and tired. That was yours truly.

That straight A college graduate who never quit, who has a bigger vision and loved helping people from all over the world. Guilty as charged.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of success in my life. But I sure didn’t start out that way. I started out that girl born and raised in Ukraine, who was sick and tired. And I’ll take you a secret: I am the same person today that I was then. Not that I haven’t changed a lot through my experiences; we all do that, what I mean is, deep down inside, I am really not that  different than I was then. I did not go into mountaintop, did not have a near death experience that showed me the truth. (Although I did go through some pretty terrible failures that at the time sure FELT like near-death experiences).

I didn’t change who I WAS as much as I changed what I DID.

The only reason I made the transformation from there to here is that, somehow along the way, I’ve had the good fortune of being exposed to the right coach.

How I got from there to here-and how YOU can get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be – is doing things no one is willing to do.

The transition from sick girl to now did not happen overnight. It was a long, slow, at times painful roller-coaster process, because frankly, I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have the knowledge, i didn’t have the right support. I was working it out by trial and error. Lot of error.

I was born and raised in Ukraine. My father moved to USA with only 300 US dollars in his pocket. I was pretty healthy as a child but later on neglected my health.

For whatever reason, as happens in so many peoples lives, I found myself staring squarely at a fork in the road, a point I now refer to “my day of disgust: that moment of impact we sometimes hit in our lives when we come smack face to face with circumstances and, without having a clue to the what or how of it, make a decision to change.”

In that instant, I came to just such a moment of decision. Something clicked; and I knew I could never go back to where I’d been only moment earlier. I knew that for things to be different, I had to DO something different.

As I type these worlds, I am healthier, more energize, and more alive today that I was ten years ago. I am happier today, have supportive environment, and more of fulfilling life, than I did ten years ago. And I expect to be saying the same thing ten years from now.

I want that life for YOU. And it all start with you and taking care of YOUR health and make yourself a priority.

“You either pay the price for success or pay the price in regret.”