It can be frustrating and scary when you are trying to heal.

But when you do the right things, it can give you the life you’ve always wanted. It can give you back everything that illness made you lose: energy, vitality, the ability to go out with others or be in the sunlight.

One of the biggest struggles I see while working with clients, is when they view the healing as punishment. They’re upset they’re not getting results fast enough, not able to eat what they want, or comparing themselves to someone else’s healing journey. 

The truth is healing is about self-love. It’s about learning how to love yourself and your life right now, exactly how you are, to give yourself the peace and space for the body to heal. It takes a lot of energy and work for your cells to regenerate themselves. The last thing your body needs is a boss that’s high-pressure. A boss (you) that’s saying, “hey what is wrong with you? I think it is too late for you to even considere that you can get better.” That kind of mindset is what prevents people from doing what has to be done. 

Every single cell in your body is designed to heal itself from damage, and if you are chronically ill, it means your body doesn’t have the right tools to do the repair work, or you’re continuing to do things to cause continued damage. For most people we work with, it’s both. In order to heal, you need a lot of renovation work on a house; we need to rebuild brocken structure and stop creating more damage to healthy structures. 

If you can relate to being a negative boss when it comes to your own recovery, it’s time to change your mindset. Realize the voice you hear the most is your own. If your are constantly telling yourself you can’t do things, you are too busy to even get started, you will make it true, and likely give up. Instead, you need to talk to yourself the way you would talk to anyone else who was suffering, sick, and afraid: you need to be an encouraging and loving voice.

When you feel those worries go through your head, when you question yourself and your body and your ability to get what you want, remember what your body needs most right now is love and understanding from you. Say to yourself: “I love you. That’s why I will never give up on you. I haven’t taken care of you the way I should. Now I will.”

Many people feel like their body is their energy when they are sick, that their body turned against them. It’s not your body’s fault it got sick. Your body has been fighting for you all along, that is why you are still alive in spite of all the stress you have exposed it to, because it is still fighting for you. When you realize that it is not your body attacking you but instead you are the one attacking your own body with junk, and that your body was doing everything it could do survive your constant assaults, it changes everything. You can now realize that your body is your best friend, but that you had to be a true friend in return.

Your body can heal. Give yourself the space and love and support. Tell yourselves you can do this. Be understanding. Be kind. Breathe. Meditate. Listen to beautiful music. Relax. Enjoy friends with nature. Give yourself the time and love and nurturing you truly need. Your body will do the rest. It wants to. Its’s been waiting for hears to heal for you. Healing is truly an act of self-love.