Information is not enough to reverse autoimmunity

A decade ago, I was in the worst health of my life. After seeing my best friend get diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of twenty-one, I took a good look at myself and realized I wasn’t very far behind her. I used to spend up to 90 hours a week sitting in front of a computer, studying in college.

My diet consisted mostly of pop tarts, coffee, pizza, Dr. Pepper.
The habits I developed from being overworked, overstressed, and not treating my body well resulted in:

Gut issues
• Acne
• Chronic fatigue

And I was only in my early twenties.
I realized I needed to make a big change in my life, so I sought the best information I could possibly find. Using my creative thinking and my sister’s studies in biochemistry, we were able to completely transform our life.

With proper nutrition, we were able to:

Reverse hair loss
• Reverse acne
• Reverse chronic fatigue

Since then, we’ve helped countless others do the same thing. It is achievable when you know what you’re doing and it does not require supplements/herbs/fasting.

What has been frustrating is that even though my sister and I invested 300,000 US dollars in our undergraduate and graduate education, post graduate education, and nutritional and clinical conferences, ONLY when we started to work with people and testing different strategies for disease reversal, that is when we started to get incredible results.

What is the key?

When I started understanding biology, I believe that from our lowest level we are all EXACTLY the same.

I wanted to end the frustration for people who couldn’t seem to achieve the results they expected:

They wanted to:

Heal from a chronic illness without spending thousands of dollars on expensive food or supplements.
• Increase energy so they can finally do the things they wanted to do with their life: play with their children, go out dancing, go to work, spend more time with their loved ones.

I believe that at the lowest level of our bodies, we are nothing more than CELLS being operated by molecules. In the world of computer animation, if your program returns the wrong results that means you made a mistake in your programming. It’s NEVER a problem with the hardware.

Once you fix the programming, the computer returns the right results every time.

The reason why people are not getting results they want was that they didn’t quite understand the programming of the human body.

You could pay a lot of money to go to retreat, clinic, supplements, detoxes, herbs or spa in search of your best health outcomes. But our plan is a lot less money (because it is only the foods that you can buy at your grocery store) and frankly, is easy to follow that it is certainly worth it. Results are typical.

Ask your doctor if you can heal from a chronic illness. But make sure your doctor is educated, trained and result-drives as us to create the excellent health that so many of us crave and need.

Having autoimmune disease can take over your life. Chronic pain, lack of energy, and failing organs not only makes you feel awful, but you end up missing out on activities such as work, school, friendships, because you are sick or too tired to do the things you want to do.

Our clients know all about it. Most of them struggled with fatigue, migraines and many have been off medications with normal laboratory tests and no symptoms for months and years!

Together we want to give as many people as we can the gift that we got, to live healthy and pain free, to grow old with the person they love, and give back to the world and help others.

This leads me to a next point: when we started working with people locally in Michigan and giving out meal plans, we realized information on what to eat just wasn’t enough for most people to change their habits and save their own lives.

My sister decided to leave her job and work along me to focus on COACHING through the process of recovery and educating our clients on nutrient and building habits for long-term success.

So we started with online videos and phone consultations with people, and we spend over an hour with people and go through everything they were doing and help them figure out how to do this: we will say “change your breakfast to this, change your lunch to this, oh looks like you’re reacting to this food,” etc. and we give them a plan.

Now some people were able to follow our instructions and get their health back, and they never needed us again. My sister and I will get a text message from them a few weeks or months later saying they feel great and a photo of them doing something amazing.

The problem was that some people have their appointment with us and then still don’t do what we told them to do! We email them our notes and their personalized plan and say: “go do this, this is it, this is your personalized plan” and then life gets in the way again and they quit.

So, I said okay, I have got to figure out a way to provide more support and hold people’s hands until they cross the finish life, and that’s why we created our program where we support you daily through the recovery.

It can be a menu advice for a restaurant, how to deal with upcoming travel, how to deal with cravings, your work schedule, or stress at work that is interrupting your recovery.

Since it is a fast recovery, you are following our customized rapid recovery nutritional plan and we help you every single day to make sure you’re doing it right and the results are amazing.

The people who have worked this plan with us have told us it was the best thing they have done for themselves. Eliminating a disease means not only eliminating pain and suffering, but also eliminating medical bills!

The amount of intensity of the program and the amount of HOURS it requires to give that level of care is out of this world.

Helping people 1-1 reverse their diseases has given us enormous expertise into mental and emotional traits and habits of those that struggle to change their diet and their lifestyle.

Over time, it became not only a place to learn, but a place to rewire the way people talk to themselves, think about themselves and their illnesses, and learn the habits they need to truly transform their lifestyle so they can successfully reverse their autoimmune diseases and continue to live a healthy life in perpetuity.

Graduates of the program tell us they not only feel healthy physically, but they are happy; their anxiety has melted away, and they no longer feel stressed.

I have seen the major patterns and issues that people struggle with to adopt this new lifestyle, and we teach how to focus not just on the nutrition but the mindset, the pitfalls, and how to overcome the obstacles and self-sabotage behaviors that might stop you from achieving your goals.

These lessons help with limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, and how to create a healing mindset and healing lifestyle. We want your story to be the next success story. Apply to participate in our next autoimmune recovery program so you can get the support and guidance that you need to get your health back: