Just got off a call with a past client who was reversed her Sjogren’s two years ago.

All of her labs are completely normal, with no sign of sjogrens. She is still energetic and healthy, pain and symptom free.

After her labs were negative she asked her rheumatologist to taper her off her medications and he told her that was not a good idea, because even though she had zero symptoms and normal labs, the disease is still there “because it is incurable,” and therefore she should remain on medications for the rest of her life.

It is not the first time, we hear this from doctors.

She called me to discuss her frustrations. I sympathized that it was impressive how an intelligent educated person would created such an irrational explanation for what she was witnessing in her patient, rather than open her mind to the idea that maybe autoimmune diseases are not incurable after all, and that maybe there is a better way to treat them.

While doctors are actively learning about how powerful nutrition is in reversing disease, there are still many doctors that are so immersed in the old ways of treating disease, where only medications and surgeries are considered viable treatments, and even when they witness people healing right in front of them, they refuse to see it.

Some of them will often offer odd, dismissive, or irrational answers, like “maybe the medications just suddenly kicked in (after 4 years)” or “I don’t know what happened, but just keep doing what you’re doing.”

As a scientist, I believe it is imperative that we observe what is happening in front of us with an open mind and curiosity, not with judgment and preconceived beliefs.

However, I do understand the skepticism and disbelief.

I myself never believed until I started to be a witness seeing our clients healing so rapidly and they remain pain free, symptom free, normal labs for years. That was before we started coaching people from all over the world and actually sharing their case studies on social media.

We always tell our clients that if your doctor says you can’t reverse autoimmune diseases that just means they have never doesn’t it or seen it, not that it isn’t possible. We always tell our clients to stay with their doctor so they can prove it to them.

Are you ready to prove them wrong?