SCLERODERMA – no more tendon rubs

If someone is still suffering from an autoimmune disease, they need to read this.

Our client Madison used to drive for 7 hours to see her autoimmune scleroderma specialist to help her with her illness.

When she asked if there is anything she could do to manage her symptoms, she was told that there is not much she can do.

“That was discouraging to hear from someone who is supposed to be an expert.”

Madison started eating “clean”, execising, and taking supplements, yet her disease continued to progress.

Her tendon rubs got so severe that she had to get surgery.

That was all before she found us.

When someone is suffering with a chronic illness, most people do not live that long and if they do, they suffer greatly and later in life have to be taken care of.

Autoimmune disease is when the body turns against itself, because the inflammation is so high and so chronic.

With this inflammation, the cells can’t function normally.

They kind of go haywire and don’t do their job the way they’re supposed to. The body’s cells turn on themselves, and they start attacking their own body.

This is how autoimmune disease eventually kills people.

After a while, if left untreated, many patients start to experience other symptom’s and conditions, such as arthritis, and they can’t move their joints and limbs very well, because they’re in constant pain.

They can’t even be out in the sun very much, because that causes the disease to flare, putting them at risk of becoming very sick and putting their life at risk.

Just “day-to-day life is so difficult and required so much work. The scariest part is not knowing what to come.” – Madison said.

But here is the thing, the human body is always trying to heal itself.

How well the body functions is determined by how well each of those cells are working.

The cells are obedient little workers that make up who a person is PHYSICALLY.

They just need raw materials to be able to do their job at 100 percent.

When we provide our body with what it needs, it will recover.

That is what our body is programmed to do: to get back to optimal, functional health.

The person’s ability to be able to recover is based on feeding every one of those cells the nutrients they need to be able to do their job.

Everything people eat, do NOT eat, and do will either get them closer to disease reversal or disease progression.

Everything has to be taken in consideration.

What we teach each person is how to feed their cells what they need to use to repair themselves and we are looking at creating anti-inflammatory immune cells — that’s something a lot of people don’t know how to do.

This comes from experience and knowledge.

We have to be able to identify any mistakes someone is making and what kind of changes they need to make in order to recover and heal on the cellular level.

This is not just about feeling better, it is about living a long, happy, and healthy life.

It is about having an increase in energy, and it’s also about no longer living in fear and being a role model to others.

We are excited for our client Madison who is no longer living in fear and first time in years she has become symptom free – all by learning how to nourish herself for cellular repair WITHOUT any supplements.

Learn more how we help people recover using only nutrition that is customized to individual’s specific condition and results: