HASHIMOTO’S – why medicine is not enough

Our client was diagnosed with autoimmune hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 2013 and later FIBROMYALGIA. She was told by her doctor to take Synthroid and she will be fine. Then, a few months after having a baby, she started having weird symptoms such as tingling of her skin, weakness in extremities, asthma, sleep apnea.

Hashimoto’s is one of the most common autoimmune diseases out there and we help a lot of clients with it. 

One of the problems in Western medicine is that with Hashimoto’s, all doctors do is give you back your thyroid hormone after the autoimmune disease kills your thyroid. But they do NOTHING to get rid of the autoimmune disease, so the process continues. 

Even with thyroid hormone replacement, people often feel tired and experience brain fog. They also develop arthritis from continued inflammation from the untreated autoimmune disease underlying the thyroid disease.

When our client jointed our autoimmune healing program her energy was 1/10: she felt sluggish and tired and her pain was 9/10, and her mood was 2/10. A lot of people with Hashimoto’s battle depression as well. 

Six weeks later, she ranked her pain 1/10, energy was 10, mood was 10 out 10! She was exercising, she watched all of our learning lessons, she was posting photos in our private client facebook group. 

If you’ve got hypothyroid disease, you need to nourish yourself to get your body healthy again. It will eliminate the chronic inflammation that is triggering the disease, and alleviate the low energy and the brain fog and give you a fast metabolism. 

People often ask us: “Can I get off my thyroid medicine?” That depends if you have an active thyroid. 

After years of inflammation damaging the glad, it can become scarred and no longer active, just like the kidney that become scarred and sclerotic over time. The only way we know how much active thyroid you have is after you have been committed to our program and reach a plateau. 

If your thyroid is inflamed, then getting the inflammation down with our program should help you get function back.

But if your thyroid already scarred over or essentially dead, this will get rid of all the other symptoms that the autoimmune disease is causing and then you just continue to replace the thyroid hormone. 

For many people we have helped, they completely came off their thyroid replacement hormone and had normal function again. For many others, they are able to lower their thyroid replacement hormone with their doctor supervision as some of the thyroid heal but other parts can no longer function.

If you need us to help you identify what’s stopping you from recovering fully, read out to us via a private message and we will see what we can do to help: https://webinar.viktoriyaandoksana.com/apply