The following are true stories:

  1. Our uncle was a profession boxer, in 1990’s, suffered brain injury. Instead of getting the right help, he was put into psychotic hospital in Ukraine and fed ton of medications that made him mentally insane. After that, he has never been the same.
  2. Our client with Scleroderma was diagnosed with esophageal dismobility. Three months later, she could not swallow and was put on a feeding tube. The doctor said there is NOTHING she can do and most likely will never recover.
  3. Another client, undergone multiple surgeries when the last surgery took a big toll on her, it left her traumatized. She invested a total of $20,000 into western medicine, holistic doctors, exploratory studies, functional doctors and yet she was still suffering and hurting with chronic pain.

The most amazing part about these stories when asked, they all smiled and said: “I guess things could have been worse.”

When your day is a museum of disappointments filled with the events that are outside of your control…

When it feels like your guardian Angel put his two weeks’ notice and just decided not to tell you…

When it feels like God is a babysitter who is always on the phone…

Remember that every year 2 million people die from dehydration, so it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty…if there is water in your cup, just drink it.

You see muscle is created by repeatedly lifting things that are designed to weight us down.

So, when your shoulders feel heavy, stand up straight, lift your chin up and call it “EXERCISE” and remember that life is a gym membership with a very complicated cancellation policy.

Remember that you will survive, remember that things could be worse, remember we are never ever given anything we cannot handle.

Remember that you are still here…The human heart beats approximately 4 thousand times per hour, and each pulse is a trophy and be grateful for the words: “YOU ARE STILL ALIVE.”