Someone asked me to tell her the single greatest “secret” – to guaranteeing success in life

Some time ago, in a coffee shop, far away (lol), someone asked me to tell her the single greatest “secret” – if there even was such a thing-to guaranteeing success in life.

I thought about it for 30 seconds before the world came to mind, “Environment. That is the secret,” I told her.

“A strong man (or woman) in a weak environment will LOSE to the weak man (or woman) in a strong environment.”

Most people, if they would just fix their environment (ditch the wrong friends, develop new relationships, get the right mentors, etc.) -it would fix everything.

It just doesn’t matter how equipped or driven you are, if everyone around you is dragging you down, you won’t make it.

It doesn’t matter how genetically superior you are – if all you eat is toxic foods, you will get sick and you will stay sick.

That was a long time ago, and I’ve had many years to think about that answer.

While it’s true, I still think environment is probably one of the greatest catalysts that can take you anywhere you go, I started getting the feeling that there was more to it than that.

How committed are you to GROWTH?

A life of continuous growth.A desire, a HUNGER, above all else- not to “be rich” or to “be famous” – but desire for GROWTH.



Health wise.

In every area.

Sure, I think your environment can make you hungrier to grow, or it can lessen your desire down to apathy.

It is incredible important.

BUT, if I could go back and revise my answer to this young girl at that particular coffee shop in Detroit, MI – I would revise my “secret” to the following: A commitment to always grow in every area.

That is the real secret.

If you achieve THAT, you will win.

Keep your goals BIG, never settle for less than your absolute best, and stay on mission.

That is the “secret” to always ending up exactly where you want to go.

Fortune has favored the BOLD.

Credit: To our coaches Chris and Taylor.

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