Triggers exist because of old wounds

As part of our program, we need to give our clients daily feedback and sometimes really confront them with their thoughts or behaviors that are keeping them sick. This is a tricky ground, because if the person has had traumatic or unhealthy relationships in the past, this can feel like a criticism and make them angry.

We encourage open communication and expression, and we are almost always able to work through the feelings together and often have incredible breakthroughs because of this emotional work. However, some people can get angry with our feedback.

***Sometimes it it painful to realize certain things about your behavior, thoughts or motivation, and yet it takes a kind helping person to point it out to you and help you overcome it. ***

There was one client who did our 6 weeks healing program to heal her infertility issues and chronic IBS. She couldn’t believe how much she got out of the program: she was able to get a hold of her binge eating disorder, had more energy than ever before, and had normal bowel movements for the first time in years.

Then during our program, she completely stopped communication with us, she stopped updating her document and stopped posting in our private client group. And when we reached out to her to see if she was okay, she was triggered, although, she didn’t mention that something was bothering her during our coaching calls together before.

With only 5 minutes, she neglected all of the good we had brought to her life and stopped herself from continuing to get help and support that had changed her life up until that point, help that could have brought so much more healing. We apologized for triggering her, and offered to help her process her feelings.

Our triggers come from our personal pains and traumas, and kind well-meaning people can sometimes trigger us because they didn’t know that pain was there, like stepping on a hidden landmine.

We encourage our clients to let us know of those triggers, communicate to us what they are, and also remember that the triggers exist because of old wounds, so that you don’t take out your pain on someone else who accidentally triggered you. This is a very difficult work that sometimes people want to engage a therapist to help them with.

Are you aware of your triggers that could potentially prevent you from getting the help that you need?