“You were GOD sent”

When we first met Nicole, she suffered with chronic pain and various autoimmune symptoms.

Some of her symptoms were bloating, pain/burning in intestines, loose stools, nutrient deficiencies, joint pain, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, dizziness, bruising, high cholesterols, tingling, brittle hair and nails, food allergies, and YEARS of having positive ANA.

She also took ton of antibiotics and had multiple surgeries that left her traumatized.

Before she joined our program, we spend time going over her health history so we can understand her story and create the best recovery plan for her.

She had positive ANA and chronic inflammation. Although she was told by her doctor that all of her labs and symptoms point to lupus, she didn’t want to go on disability.

We share her case to demonstrate that you don’t need an official diagnosis to benefit from our recovery program.

Many people are sick for five to ten years before they meet the criteria for a diagnosis of autoimmune disease.

When we met Nicole, she was seeing several doctors and invested 20K into surgeries, supplements in the course of 3 years.

Nothing got rid of the pain.
What we have found over the years is that people can heal more than I ever dreamt was possible.

While working with many doctors back in VA Medical Center, I learned most conditions were permanent and chronic.

We are taught that most serious diseases don’t ever go away.
All we can do is use medications or surgeries to treat the symptoms.
It turns out that it is only true when we stick to medications for treatment rather than lifestyle changes to treat the actual ROOT CAUSE of the disease and give the body what it needs to repair itself.

What we’ve been seeing over and over again, is that this process that we teach our clients works to improve whatever inflammatory issue they have.
The reason is that we’re teaching people how to supply the cells with what they use for healing and cell repair, so their body will use these nutrients as it needs to for repair and healing, without the use of any supplements or herbs.

We also provide education and support EVERY DAY to insure the best results possible.

When we think about it that way, it makes sense that it can help eliminate a virus, it can help with heart disease, diabetes, just as it helps with autoimmune disease.

We are going to let Nicole tell her story because she’s really good at sharing not only what it’s like to feel better, but what it feels like to no longer live a life in fear.
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