“I had FAITH in your program”

Krystal came to us with focus and determination to get her flare up under control. She was diagnosed with crohns and hypothyroidism over two years ago.

She expressed her “Why” as her true reason for doing our program: what is that you truly want that makes doing whatever it takes to heal worthwhile?
She was doing it for her family. She wants to be healthy for them.

Going to work and taking care of her four year old daughter was a challenge. She was struggling with exhaustion, frequent bowels and pain. In addition, she was spending hundreds of dollars on supplements every month – none of them made any difference at all.

Unless you address the root cause of the problem, which is autoimmune, taking supplements won’t help you recover. Neither will fasting. It’s like covering up your symptom with a band aid, rather then healing it from within.

Her doctor, that she trusted, told her it is going to be her new normal to see blood in her stool.

Krystal refused to accept that as her reality.

Her doctor suggested a paleo diet which just helped her with eczema, but continued to make her Crohn’s disease progress.

She knew nutrition works but she didn’t know exactly what would work for her.

She kept researching and that’s how she found us online.

She was eager to begin our program and get started right away.
By day 31, she no longer had blood or mucus in her stool. I was delightful to receive this message from Krystal, “NO mucus/blood only or urgency today. I just started crying happy tears writing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

One of the things I admire most about Krystal is that she had total faith in the process and was fully engaged in our coaching every SINGLE DAY.
She found that her energy was better, her mood was better, and she no longer experienced stress the same way anymore.

She has hope and a path to a better healthier life.

While some doctors get excited when they witness their patients getting their health back in our program, many just refuse to acknowledge it, or dismiss it.

But it does not have to be this way.

You don’t have to live a life of illness and disability like most doctors predict.

You don’t have to lose your ORGANS and be on medications for the rest of your life.

You are in control of your health and you deserve the best healing and health possible.

Our role in your recovery is to help you create the best plan for rapid healing that will reverse your disease and provide support and education EVERY DAY to insure your success.

We hope you’re inspired and motivated to do so.

Thank you Krystal for sharing your story and for being an inspiration to all.
We are now ENROLLING clients for JANUARY.

Apply to reserve your spot below.If you have tried “everything” from paleo, to fasting, to supplements, to just about anything and YET you’re still struggling with autoimmunity, go check out some of our recent clients and see what they had to say about how our process is different and most importantly, how it actually proven to get you the best results as long as you show up and do the work we ask you to do every day: