No more dermatitis

The first time I talked to Simona, our client from Italy, on the phone was two years ago, and we both started crying.

It was the call I will never forget.

From the age of 16, until now, she felt like she never experienced full recovery, because she did not know what was the right thing for her to do to get her health back.

Her trauma tied to disease made her feel unsettled and excessively worried every time she had a symptom; making her think of the worst-case scenario.

Not only did her skin condition made her house ridden for years, but it also affected her peace of mind and productivity.

She have been to many specialists hoping that they would help with her unique skin condition and symptoms.

She always knew there was a solution but no one was interested in understanding the root cause of her symptoms.

Just like many of our clients, she also invested over 9,000 euros in the last seven years on specialists, transportation to get to some of these visits, blood work, tests and creams – none of which provided a full solution to her health challenges.

One of the reasons why she decided to work with us, was because she loved the fact that we work with people 1-1 and provide daily feedback and support.

Although she was already eating super healthy, we had optimize her nutrition even more for aggressive recovery to make sure she was getting the best nourishment possible and prioritizing rest.

She was busy with school, yet she always updated her daily workbook, attended all our coaching sessions and participated in the program every day.

She is very positive, smart, open to learning and has applied all that she has learned from our coaching together.

By the end of our program, she was able to wake up full of energy and happy without feeling worried or stressed out about her symptoms.

Her dermatitis has not since re-appeared!

Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s self-preservation! If you don’t take care of yourself, mind, body, and spirit, you won’t be able to keep taking care of anyone else or live your life to the fullest.

When people finally and truly start taking care of their bodies, they feel more motivated to eat the right food, as well as more energetic to do all the other things they need to in their lives.

Then the recovery plan becomes simple, because food is for fuel and disease reversal, not an emotional crutch.

When you overcome your illness and learn how to take care of yourself, then you can overflow into the world with all of the love and goodness in your heart.

Thank you for sharing your journey Simona and don’t forget how far you’ve come. Your have many special gifts to share with the world and we can’t wait to see what’s next for you in your life and career.

For everyone else, our next coaching starts in January and we are already enrolling new participants.

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