“I already eat healthy and my problem is too hard to solve.”

Are you in a habit of fortune telling?

This mental habit is one that we frequently see in our clients who have a history of giving up. This is that habit of believing that if you think about something long enough, you can predict what will happen.

“I just know it is not going to work, because I already tried something LIKE that, and it didn’t work.” Or “I already eat healthy and my problem is too hard to solve, so no one can solve it.”

I talked to someone on the call a month ago who assumed that it will take her a long time to recover and it’s going to be too hard.

So, she then decided based on the imaginary future she came up with, that she couldn’t do it. She effectively stopped herself before she started, all in her own MIND.

If you’re stuck in fortune telling, you are not in reality.

You’re causing suffering for yourself in an imaginary world that doesn’t even exist in the here and now.

Most of the time we’re wrong about the outcome we’re actually predicting, and the things you are predicting will likely NEVER happen, but you still suffer as if they do.

You’re stuck in a negative place because you’re trying to predict what will happen BEFORE it happens.

Fortune telling is a mental habit that takes you out of the game and stops you before you even truly try. If this is you, say that’s me. Own it!

Think about how it has robbed you of your happiness and prevents you from achieving full recovery.

Catch yourself doing it and stop yourself.

None of us know what will happen.

If something bad happens, we’ll fix it.

-Viktoriya and Oksana, immunology scientists. We help people recovery from autoimmunity at the comfort of their home. Learn how we can help you here: https://webinar.viktoriyaandoksana.com/apply