A lot of emotional pain comes from holding on to anger

For many people, forgiveness is a vital part of letting go of past pain. When people are trying to let go of illness and pain, a lot of times, I find them store emotional pain in their bodies.

It makes sense of you think about it. We know from experience that anxiety, depression, and stress is inflammatory in the body.

If you haven’t released the emotional pain, you can’t release the PHYSICAL pain that goes with it.

A lot of emotional pain comes from holding on to anger and holding on to hurt.

I will never forget one client who grew up in a very rough, strict and abusive family.

She jointed our disease reversal program so we can help her recover from her chronic digestive issues.

Once we started working with her, and getting to know her story, she was dealing with a lot more than just digestive issue. What we discovered that when she was a child, as a punishment, her mother would not give her any food to eat for days and was verbally abusive towards her.

At 18 years old, she moved away to start her own business, yet her traumatic childhood experience continued to hunt her.

In order to heal both physically, we need to learn how to make peace with our past and others.

Clients often tell me that they feel like forgiving a person means they are condoning what they did, like we let them off the hook.

The truth is, holding on to anger and hurt about something or someone else did does not hurt the other person at all. They don’t feel your pain.

When you forgive, you are saying “I won’t let you hurt me anymore. I won’t let you steal my health or happiness.”

We forgive so we can move on.

When we hold on to anger, we are putting ourselves in prison.

We are not letting ourselves have the happiness we want.

You have to realize that we become darker and darker when others hurt us, and more capable of hurting others as well and even repelling people who love us and DO want to help.

I think it helps if you think of the person who hurt you as someone who is not evil or awful but someone who FORGOT THEMSELVES. When we see the other person as someone who’s lost in the darkness, we can forgive.

Not only for them, but for us.

We don’t need to carry that pain forever.

Anger and holding on to pain is how people continue to hurt us.

To end all that, forgive.

– Viktoriya and Oksana are experts in cellular nutrition and peer-reviewed published Immunology Scientists specializing in helping people reverse autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory conditions. Learn how we can help you recovery from autoimmunity here: https://webinar.viktoriyaandoksana.com/apply