“I got tired of living like that” – reversal of ulcerative colitis

I remember my first call with Brian about a year ago. Watch his video testimonial here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2461296080852501

He was taking mesalamine medications and eating healthy and yet medications were not working and his symptoms kept coming back every couple of months.

Before he decided to join our 1-1 ulcerative colitis reversal program, he was suffering with the following: positive ANA for celiac, anemia, erosive gastritis, duodentitis, chronic proctitis, sigmoiditis, internal hemorrhoid, tenesmus, non-stop bloody and mucusy stool.

Right before Christmas time of 2019, his symptoms came back again and he made a promise to himself that if it happened again, he will reach out to us to work with us 1-1.

That’s what we love about Brian. He made a promise to himself and he stuck with it!

He didn’t disappear or run away or let his fear or anyone get in a way of his promise to himself.

In 30 days, his blood and mucus stopped, and he no longer had any hemorrhoid pain! He went from feeling tired to full of energy and was able to work 11-13 hour days without any caffeine, supplements or stimuli.

Brian saw dramatic improvement in his energy and mood, on day 19, he reported to us: “My mood is excellent, another great day! Feeling good 99% of the time.”

We are so excited for Brian to live a life full of energy, pain free, and without limitations.

Here is the thing…

We are taught that most serious diseases don’t ever go away, all we can do is use medications or surgeries to treat the symptoms, but never address the actual ROOT CAUSE of the disease and give the body what it needs to repair itself.

Many people who came to us already tried so many different diets such as: vegan, paleo, keto, raw vegan, wfpb, juice fasting, water fasting and yet they were still suffering and in pain. They still did not know how to eliminate their autoimmune issues until they optimize their nutrition/lifestyle and isolate anything that is causing them not to get better.

We are dedicated to every person every day to help them achieve full recovery – no days off and each person gets the individual help they need to get their health back – as long as they participate and reach out for help.

It is the culmination of our life’s work because we love to hold people’s hands, help them overcome self-sabotage, negative mental habits, anxiety and identify what is still holding them back.

***What we teach is completely scientific and it is reproducible.***

It works for everyone who has a chronic inflammatory illness, but you have to be willing to follow our process for AS LONG AS IT TAKES. Whether it will take you 4 weeks to become symptom free or 1 year, you have to continue implementing everything we teach you in our program.

What we do works as long as you are coachable and open minded and you are ready to participate, and do the work.

If you are ready to learn how to transform your health into a lifestyle that would allow you to live the rest of your life pain free, apply to see if you are a fit for our autoimmune reversal program: