Childhood trauma and chronic illness

Our behavior, habits, childhood traumas affect not only our relationships but also our ability to recover from autoimmunity.

One such example was a client of ours. He was brilliant lawyer in his early 30s, who came to us so we can help him recover from psoriatic arthritis. He lost his job due to his illness and a year afterwards started to suffer with depression.

He was referred to us by his wife, who stated that he became “depressed, distant and unmotivated to do anything.”

What we learned that during his childhood, he suffered with a brain injury due to a fall and painful disappointment after painful disappointment through his parents’ lack of caring.

Most of his teenage life, he was neglected by his parents who were never around, but he never saw nothing wrong with that, saying they had “a lot going on.”

So he stopped trusting his parents, and his disappointments diminished dramatically.

The realization that he cannot trust his parents also resulted that he could not trust people.

Not trusting people therefore resulted in many disappointments and conflicts in life.

And these conflicts only served to reinforce his feeling that people who had anything to give him in the world couldn’t be trusted.

He also had to realize that his parents did not love him as much as he thought they did.

Such realization would have been extremely painful.

Since he had no trust in anyone, he unconsciously created situations that served to reinforce it, alienating himself from everyone.

He could not allow himself closeness with his wife; she, too, could not be trusted.

Truth or reality is avoided when it is painful.

In order to overcome physical and emotional trauma, we must be disciplined, and we must be totally dedicated to truth.

Healing from a disease is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs.

In out program, my sister and I ask you to peel back layers of emotional and physical pain, which requires you to be vulnerable, honest and communicative.

But the outcome and transformation at the end can not only save your health but save your relationships with others.