No more interstitial cystitis, no more headache, no more migranes, more more fatigue

“My husband and I were blown away but what you get from YOUR program for the money and the results. In the last 6 weeks, because of my productivity has gone up so much, your program has given me 100 times return on my investment, because I’m able to get on and run my business the way I want to without feeling exhausted and sick all the time.”


• recurring UTI’s – 7• interstitial cystitis• laryngitis twice in last 6 months• severe ear infection• heart races after eating• hair thinning• exhaustion• weight gain (16 lbs overweight), hard to lose weight• leaky gut• secretory IgA: 2,156 (high)• Calprotectin (stool inflammation level) 362 (high)

30 days after:

• Calprotectin (stool inflammation level) <16• proteus vulgaris is gone• secretory IgA went down• no more interstitial cystitis• no more headache• no more ear infections• no more sore back• no more hair loss• no more migranes• no more grey hair• no more fatigue• no more sinusitis• 15 lbs of weight loss

“Whenever I took antibiotics, they made me feel so poorly. Since day 5 in the program, I haven’t had no headache, no stomachache and the fact that I have lost 15-16 lbs as well which made it an extra benefit. My husband is super happy. He was worried about me constantly getting sick and it was affecting our relationship.”

Clients ask: “what’s the difference between our program and doctors or naturopath or function medicine doctors?”

Lucy who has gone through our program has said this how our process is difference since she has tried so many other things prior to working with us:

“What I really like about your program, is that it’s so prescriptive.”

“What worked super well is that you said, ‘exactly this, exactly that’.

By the morning, you say, ‘make this change, try this instead’ and it made it doable. The fact is that infections went away SO FAST, it made it so much easier. Just the fact that you told me what to do, when to do it, daily check in.”

Lucy was discussing with her husband and she told him the daily support and help that we give and the RESULTS that our clients get in a matter of a couple of weeks, he said “It only costs THIS much?”

“My husband and I were blown away but what you get from YOUR program for the money and the results.”

And when she sent her lab results to her doctor and he said, “What have you been doing to get this changed, the results are insane!” He even went to check our website and said “these girls look amazing.”

Doctors often just medicate the symptoms, so you don’t feel them, rather than listening to the symptoms to fix the CAUSE and get healthier so your body doesn’t need to send that signal anymore.

No one and not even doctors are getting the type of results we are getting in a matter of weeks, because they don’t have the knowledge or experience reversing diseases the way that we have been doing.

What we do is not something you can read a book about or learn on google, it comes from decades of experience and expertise in what our cells need to stimulate rapid repair.

What we do is not just nutrition, it is a disease reversal PROCESS that cannot be done without our 1-1 guidance.

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Viktoriya and Oksana Gruzdyn are Nutritionists and Immunotherapy Researchers based in Detroit, MI. They specialize in helping people reverse autoimmune and other chronic illnesses by optimizing their immune function and cellular repair.