What metabolism has to do with disease reversal?

What makes our process different that it is not just a meal plan, we provide daily support, education, coaching.

This is a short clip from one of our coaching sessions with some of our clients on metabolism.

Metabolism is the SUM of all the biological processes in your body, it is your body’s ability to change.

So when you’re sick, your body has changed state.

When you’re ill, your immune system lunches an all-out assault against the foreign invaders that are creating sickness in your body and works to return it to health and equilibrium.

The faster your metabolism does that, the faster it’s able to fight off any sickness or illness that’s in your body.

You can thank your metabolism for:

  • How quickly you lose weight
  • How much weight you lose
  • Your ability to build muscle
  • How quickly you can build muscle
  • Your resistance to disease
  • How quickly you can recover from disease
  • So, your metabolism affects SO MUCH more than weight loss.

It also affects:

  • How well your heart functions
  • How well your muscles created strength and actively freely
  • How all your organs are working

Everything that you are and can do physically is a result of the health or the unhealthiness of those cells.

The better you feed your body the nutrients it needs, the better your metabolism will be and, therefore, the better your results in not only fat loss/muscle gain but also in disease reversal.

And if you are underweight due to illness, when you fix your cells, you will GAIN a healthy weight.

So it is about fixing your cells and giving your cells the nutrients they need to bring back to health whether it is reverse an illness, lose or gain weight, have better hair and skin, have more energy and better memory.

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Viktoriya and Oksana Gruzdyn are Nutritionists and Immunotherapy Researchers based in Detroit, MI. They specialize in helping people reverse autoimmune and other chronic illnesses by optimizing their immune function and cellular repair.