Problems are opportunities for you to advance

Have it ever happened to you when you trusted someone and they failed you, or you trusted someone and they lied, or even stole from you?

Someone informed us that one of our clients that we worked with has ripped us off and when we confronted her, she denied everything even though we had all the evidence what she has done.

If you are a business owner and an innovator, this is what you need to be aware of: if you haven’t faced the issue of people “stealing” from you, you will eventually.

If you haven’t dealt with good and bad team members leaving… you will eventually.

We have, do and will continue to deal with these issues.

This is part of growth and what we had to learn that problems are just opportunities for us to advance.

Here are some philosophical thoughts I learned from our coach:

1. You can’t control others actions, morals, loyalty and ethics. You can only control yours and that is what your focus should be on.

2. Don’t let others steal your joy, peace and or quality of life. That’s your choice.

3. Adjust your expectations.

Whether you realize it or not, you signed up for challenges, conflict and pain.

The problem is when we assume we didn’t and then get disappointed and our feelings hurt when someone steals from us.

So embrace it.

If you’re an innovator you’ll always be copied.

That’s just how it goes.

So expect the downside of working with people and continue to focus on innovating.

4. It’s an opportunity to become “anti-fragile”.
If you get mad, emotional or pissed, your-identity, security and ego are probably fragile.

Don’t be easily broken.

Let it be an opportunity to test your fragility.

Appreciate it.

Anti-fragility is adaptability.

Adaptability is strength.

5. Focus on production and betterment.

Better you, better product, better processes, better team, better company culture, etc.

6. Time and consistency are your allies.

When you consistently focus on hitting higher highs, you’ll win.

Stay locked in on YOUR game and watch the power of compound consistency do the heavy lifting.

This is one of the hardest things in the world and most people quit.

Don’t quit.

7. Detach.

Often, we are hurt because we are too attached and closed handed.

Detached = healthy boundaries.

Attached = unhealthy boundaries.

When you’re attached, it’s easy for you to be offended.

Also, when we’re not aware and secure in ourselves, our vision and where we’re going, we lack confidence and clarity.

That shouldn’t come from your clients or team.

It’s unhealthy to put that un-realized responsibility on them.

From this experience, we had to learn how to let go of things we cannot control, and instead focus on becoming a better better people.

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