Thoughts and theories can be wrong, but results are results

I found myself having a conversation with a few people who shared some interesting information regarding why they haven’t reversed their illness yet.

I started to spot the similarities in their stories.

It wasn’t lack of determination, will, or even money that was holding them back.

Rather, each and every one of them had a basket of bad advice delivered by someone who has no clue what it takes to reverse disease for OTHERS.

And it robbed them of the courage to take action and have trust because they have invested into so many programs that didn’t work.

I really want you all to listen….

You can’t take advice from people who have failed at what you want to accomplish or don’t have the experience healing people at a rate as my sister and I have.

You may think you can learn from their mistakes, but in most cases you simply can’t.

They only know how to do it wrong, and they’ll put the wrong spin on any advice they give you.

If you are seeing someone who is not interested in disease reversal or doesn’t have the experience, he/she is not going to have answers for you and will most likely give you wrong advice based on what they assume.

They are not going to interpret what is going on with you in terms of if you are actually getting better or not.

It is just not the way they operate because it is not their EXPERIENCE or expertise.

We base all of our recommendations on actual and consistent results in real people, never based on things we read or assume.

As immunology scientists dedicated to helping others as much as we possibly can, we believe that is the only way to teach the truth.

Thoughts and theories can be wrong, but results are results.

You cannot simply buy, read, or copy our personal data, results AND experience. Our experience is earned by us and it something that you cannot simply duplicate.

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Viktoriya and Oksana Gruzdyn are Nutritionists and Immunotherapy Researchers based in Detroit, MI. They specialize in helping people reverse autoimmune and other chronic illnesses by optimizing their immune function and cellular repair.