This blocks your ability to LEARN and to RECEIVE

Victim mentality is the most dangerous thing that you can fall into in your life.

It blocks your ability to LEARN and to RECEIVE.

There might be no other philosophy that is as damaging as victimhood, because nobody who is a victim is aware of the fact that they are being a victim.

Most of the times people who live in this victimhood, they think that everything is someone else’s fault.

But when you think that way, what you are doing is that you are giving away control over your future and it is robbing you of control to fix things.

I understand that there may be things in your life that happened that was not your fault.

Those things might have been damaging, frustrating and unfair.

👉Our client with Scleroderma and Hashimotos was diagnosed with esophageal dismobility. Three months later, she could not swallow and was put on a feeding tube. The doctor said there is NOTHING she can do and most likely will never recover.

For decades she had Hashimotos – which was never fixed.

The doctors just gave her medicine to manage her thyroid levels.

So the disease progressed and she developed other autoimmune issues that left her disable and on the feeding tube.

Guess what, she recovered because she refused to give up.

👉Another client, undergone multiple surgeries when the last surgery took a big toll on her, it left her traumatized. She invested a total of $20,000 into western medicine, holistic doctors, exploratory studies, functional doctors and yet she was still suffering and hurting with joint pain, anemia, ibs,PCOS, lupus.

Guess what, she is now fully recovered too.

There is a lot that could have happened to you that might have not been your fault.

But the responsibility to move forward is on YOU.

The responsibility to grow through and move forward is not on the person or the system that hurt you, it is not on them- it is on you.

So what is better than victimhood?

It is ownership.

The ability to look at your life and say this instead: “Look what has been done to me is not good, and it was not fair and it wasn’t my fault, but I am going to own this situation at hand because the responsibility to move forward is MY responsibility.”

That is the secret.

Take control and move forward.

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