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There are two types of physicians

There are two types of physicians, those who practice what they preach and those who have not read the medical literature.

How many physicians would spend 40 hours with each patient to help them identify why they got the disease and what to do about reversing it?

All the do is give people pills and procedures, but there is zero discussion of WHY they got the disease, the CAUSATION of their disease or how to reverse the disease.

They truly don’t have the experience, results, or knowledge reversing autoimmunity with nutrition. 

It requires a lot of time, effort, enthusiasm, and belief to help people recover.

Most dieticians have no clue about reversing diseases using nutrition either.

It’s important for the patient to embrace the science and if the patient can understand the reason they got the disease in the first place is because they destroyed their cells and if they learn how to create healthy cells in the body and repair the damage, then they can see SIGNIFICANT elements of disease reversal.

We have a very high success rate reversing inflammatory health conditions from kidney disease to diabetes to autoimmunity, because we give our clients our time, educate them, provide daily unlimited 1-1 help and personal guidance.

We teach them how to eat when they travel, how to understand which foods affects their cellular healing and inflammation levels and how to heal the body without supplements or testing and what to do during each stage of healing.

No doctor will check your meals every single day (including weekends), monitor every symptom and course correct based on results you are getting.

Our clients are reversing not just their joint pain, fatigue, and brain fog, but also their cholesterol levels.

What is our feeling about statins for people with high cholesterol?

Patients want to know how much longer they expect to live if they take statin every day for the rest of their life.

Is it weeks, months, decades?

In statin studies, they took 93,000 people from all of these great studies and everything was averaged out and they found out that people who took statin lived 3 days longer and people who took statin for the prevention lived 4 days longer and they expect that each person would live 1 day longer for each year of treatment.

If you were to spend 3 minutes a day taking the statin, opening the bottle, putting water in the glass, if you were to do that 3 min a day for 5 years, you would spend 3.8 days taking the statin and in return you would get maybe a few days extra.

There are both man and women who come to us for help with their high cholesterol and they’ve tried taking the statin and they either got severe muscle cramps or they were injuring their liver, or it gave them diabetes or brain fog, they couldn’t really take their statins and what we found is that people who are not taking the statin and who did our program, they reversed their high cholesterol levels (lab work posted below)

Patients who are following our program perfectly, their liver function improves, their kidneys improve, their energy improves, and inflammatory markers go away.

If you’re having high blood pressure in spite of changing your diet or you’re dealing with eczema, diabetes, we need to go over your nutrition, how often do you eat out, what you’re eating breakfast and lunch, how do you prepare your food, and usually people fall into cracks, and they are eating foods that are directly causing their inflammation levels in the body and they are not even realizing it.

There is always something missing if you’re not reversing your autoimmune markers or symptoms within the first few weeks of changing your diet.

A husband was having a heart attack and 45 minutes going through endothelial science, the wife looked at me and said “what about cheat days”

What about cheat days? You have 104 out of 365 days and your husband is destroying his very few remaining endothelial cells with those cheat days and waiting for his second heart attack.

As your cells get damaged, inflammation markers start showing up in the blood, the carotid ultrasound shows damaged arteries, inflammation within the blood vessels which is the leads to heart attacks and strokes.

When you’re healing your disease, everything is supposed to get better!

If something gets better and something else gets worse, you need a new plan and a new way to execute it.

Example of our patient who had 3 strokes within 3 weeks, the main blood vessels in his brain had very bad stenosis, she worked with us and 4 months in the follow up, stenosis went from 94% blockage to 45% blockage and the doctor said that this would never happen.

We have even reversed enlarged prostates, uterine fibroids, erectile dysfunction, and kidney failure with nutrition and zero supplements.

The safest way to get vitamin and nutrients is from food and there is no restrains on supplement industry and you have no idea what you’re eating when getting a supplement and we are very concerned about supplements.

The fact is that there no real surveillance of the supplement industry and it’s totally out of control.

Patients come to us because they don’t want steroids, they don’t want popping pills left and right or spending 5000$ a year on supplements, doctor visits or treatments, they don’t want statins or surgery and they want to recover their health as rapidly as possible to make sure they are healthy enough to get off the meds or avoid them completely!

If you’re getting flare ups or you stop making progress or start getting worse again, then reach out to us to help you identify what’s going on and how to optimize your nutrition for rapid cellular healing and immune repair.

If you’re ready for personal help and results like these, schedule your call with us here:

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