Rhematiod Arthritis: “the compassion and vibrancy and the knowledge is so refreshing. This is like from a different planet.”

In 2015, our client had her thyroid removed.

Then she was being passed around from one specialist to another trying to get a diagnosis.

She was diagnosed clinically because she never had actual markers for RA.

Scans and X rays showed erosions in joints. She was put on #prednisone and #hydrocholoride.

Prednisone relieved some pain and discomfort, but it was a temporary fix and she didn’t have a good feeling about it so she went off of it in November 2021.

“When you go to a lot of doctors and you are treated poorly and you are not validated and you are not respected, you harden towards another person who could potentially help you. You don’t want to open up or fully trust. You (Viktoriya and Oksana) all have this deminer that is very approachable, and it is a big asset. Not all physicians have that. A lot of times they don’t even establish eye contact. Then we come across you who are so ready to help, and the compassion and vibrancy and the knowledge is so refreshing. This is like from a different planet.”


  • All labs are normal
  • #Biofeedback didn’t help
  • Changed her diet multiple times to no sugar/gluten but didn’t help
  • Erosions in feet, hands, elbows, shoulders, neck, knees
  • #Fatigue
  • Had IV and vitamin C sessions didn’t help
  • Insomnia
  • Joint pain 10/10
  • Needed help with grocery shopping, getting dressed
  • #Retrozone didn’t help
  • #Swelling

Tried riffing didn’t help Day 16

“The last few days have been very painful days, today being about a 9. I keep seeing many testimonies of others with success early in the program?”

Day 17

• Extremely nauseous • Bad headache • My joint was about better today from 9 to a 7

Day 18

• No nausea today! Praise GOD! I really appreciate all of your investment and encouragement!

Day 25

• “My joint pain was down today. Still fatigued.” • “I think I may be starting my healing break through!!!! • “Today was the first day I noticed less pain overall at a level 5 !!!!!”

Day 29

• “I’m just endlessly amazed at your investment in me! • In almost eight years, I’ve never had the availability, support, encouragement and genuine investment from any physician! • Thank you so much I’m so grateful to you!”

Day 38

• “Was able to lift arms without pain!”

Day 40

• Pain went down to 5/10 from 10/10 and less fatigue • Very little stiffness • Brain fog improved

What we do:

We teach you how to stop the immune system from attacking your body and also how to accelerate your organ healing.

Medicine does not make your disease go away.

Medicine can prolong life and help with symptoms while people still continue getting sicker. Removing an organ does not get rid of autoimmune disease and the immune system will target another organ, which was the case in our clients whose doctor removed her thyroid and then she developed arthritis.

We focus on using nutrition to fix the immune system, so it no longer attacks your organs and the damage that can still be repaired will repair.

If you are really motivated to take action right away on our feedback and commit to your healing, then this is the people we work with.

We coach you every day, looking over everything that you eat, as well as all of your symptoms and how you are feeling as you progress through healing.

Regardless how long you have been sick or which organs are affected, it is always a good idea to optimize your nutrition for rapid cellular repair without supplements, therapies, herbs or testing so you can have a better quality of life.

Learn to be generous, especially when you feel like you don’t have enough. 

“Enough” is just a feeling and it doesn’t necessarily change when you have a surplus.

The fastest way to feel you have enough is to give to someone who has less.

If you’re ready for personal help and results like these, schedule your call with us here:


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