Did you know that there are really only two primary motivators in the human brain?

Human psychology is complex.

I won’t sit here and pretend that it isn’t, or that I’ve somehow unlocked all of the secrets of the human mind.

Far from it.

However, there is one very important thing about human psychology that I actually learned very early on in my career.

It’s the idea of primary motivators.

Did you know that there are really only two primary motivators in the human brain?


That is it.

Every other motivation that you can think of (be it hunger, anger, lust, joy, and the list goes on and on) are merely subsets of these two primary motivators.

It is imperative that you understand these two primary motivators.

Because leveraging them BOTH in the proper way is what is going to ultimately get you results.

And not just get result once.

You will be able to sustain results long term.

Let’s break them down real quick so you can see what I mean.

Let’s start with pain.

Pain can be an incredibly powerful motivator, and (depending on how big your problem is).

I’ll give you a real client example from our history.

We had a client named Crystal, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Fibromyalgia.  

How did we know we could help her?

Simple – for her family, the pain of NOT fixing the problem was substantial.

Let’s stick with this example. What were the “pains” associated with not getting freedom from this disease?

  • Not being able to go back to work because of suffering
  • Feeling of helplessness that leads to depression and lack of motivation
  • Fear of not know what the future will be like living with this disease
  • Organ failure due to long term steroid use
  • Marrital issues (potentially)
  • Spending hours of your life going from doctor to doctor who only tells bad news about your disease, spending $500 per months on supplements, not being able to travel, not being able to spend quality time with your family because of physical pain

And that’s just to name a few!

Now, let’s think about YOUR health. See if you can answer these questions:

  1. Is there a big pain (or pains) linked to not getting this problem solved?
  2. How much money will you continue spending working with nutritionists and functional doctors pay for individual appointments and all they tell you is to follow AIP
  3. What happens if you work with someone and that person gets it wrong?

However, pain is only one of the motivators.

Let’s take a look at the other.

The flipside to pain as a motivator is, of course, PLEASURE.

We started with pain because it’s usually the most apparent motivator (and far more common).

However, if you can maximize the two motivators in tandem, you will absolutely achieve your results 3x faster.

One of my very favorite examples, when we talk about overcoming pain and providing pleasure for our clients, is Madison.

She came to us because she experienced multiple miscarriages due to scleroderma.

She was told by her doctor that she could never get pregnant and if she did, she would put her life and child life at risk.

Lets break down the pleasure she was unlocking for reversing scleroderma:

  • The excitement of FINALLY getting pregnant
  • Relief from the anxiety/depression she may have felt when she wasn’t able to conceive
  • The endless amount of joy that comes from getting to hold your baby in your arms
  • Emotional healing for spouses who struggled with guilt or shame around their inability to get pregnant

I could go on and on here about the positive outcomes that were all rolled up in reversing scleroderma for Madison.

Incredible pain linked to having an autoimmune disease.

Incredibly high pleasure from reversing an autoimmune disease.

So, now you understand a little bit about the two primary motivators, and you understand that the only way you are going to reversing your disease by addressing your pain while also ushering yourself toward pleasure.

People who healed in our program have told us it was the best thing they have done for themselves.

Eliminating a disease means not only eliminating pain and suffering, but also eliminating medical bills.

And something that I love about our clients is that, in spite of years of suffering, they never stopped believing in their heart there was a path to healing besides medications, functional doctors, outdated autoimune protocols that no longer work or supplements.

All of them have amazing stories of recovery, and we hope they inspire you to follow in their footsteps.

I’ve learned from experience… 

Whatever in your life is ending right now, is creating space for something new and better that wouldn’t have had the room before. 

Your best days are ahead of you, not behind you.

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