Our client was told that RA will deform her, but she reversed her symptoms and no longer needed the meds

// People are often sick for 5-10 years before getting an official diagnosis //

An important thing to understand about chronic illness is that people don’t get sick overnight.

In most cases, diseases take decades to progress to the point when you have symptoms.

It might feel like you got diagnosis suddenly, but the condition was a long time in the making.

Autoimmune diseases often start off with extreme fatigue, hair loss, fevers, random rashes, or even with slow healing from infections or injuries.

We have helped multiple clients who didn’t have an official diagnosis but felt poorly.

One client had swollen hands that her rheumatologist said it looked like RA, and said she needed to start medication right away because RA will deform her, she reversed her symptoms before getting diagnosed and no longer needed her medications.

Another client who is a nurse had elevated SED rate, dry eyes, joint pain and her rheumatologist told her she most likely has Sjogren’s and need to go on medications, she decided to do our program and all her symptoms were gone in 40 days.

How about diabetes?

It is estimated that in another ten years 95% of the U.S. population will have it in some form.

A wealth of research shows that obesity increases the odds of depression, and some studies indicate that the risk of depression doubles for those with diabetes.

For sale now are insulin pumps for children, decorated with their favorite T V characters, this in an effort to make diabetes easier to live with, and more acceptable.

Inflammation in the body often leads to inflammation in the brain.

Anything that damages blood vessels damage your brain and starves it of the nutrients it needs.

Low blood flow is the number one predictor of Alzheimer’s disease and is associated with ADHD, depression, schizophrenia, a serous psychotic disorder.

You might be thinking: “my physician recommended me to eat healthy but I still got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.”

Physicians may recommend that people eat generally healthy, the PROBLEM is that physicians largely don’t have the experience how to reverse diseases using nutrition and they also tell their patients that nutrition will not change their diagnosis or symptoms when they have an autoimmune disease.

Chronic illness does not respond to healthy eating.

Most medical doctors and functional doctors are stuck in the 1970’s with the way the treat diseases.

While we constantly innovate and update our program based on current results we get while working with clients 1-1

No one would argue that it is a wise thing to start investing for your financial future, investing into real estate, investing into child education early in life, but how many of us think about investing for our FUTURE health?

Educate yourself, keeping in mind that there is nothing more important than your health, or the health of your children.

This will help you stay well ahead of the too-little-too-late curve.

Answer these two questions: 

1. What do I want?

2. What will it cost?

Knowing both gives you infinitely better odds than knowing only one or the other. 

All momentum comes with its own price tag. Pay it daily and advance.

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