Why it is hard to publish nutritional case studies?

I talked to someone who told me that he wants to wait to reverse his disease until there will be clinical nutritional studies.

Do you know that most journals are NOT interested in nutrition and lifestyle medicine?

Journals are a BUSINESS, just like a magazine and a newspaper, and they are not a public service. In order to get into journals, you need sell with “hot topics.”

The topics that most people want to read are NOT what needs to be put out in public.

Most journals don’t want nutritional case studies and they want BIG clinical studies that are funded by a drug industry.

Have you ever wondered why conventional medicine has gotten you little to no results when it comes to eliminating your chronic health condition?

Don’t you think that the manufacturers of these medications would want you to stay on them as long as possible?

Did you know that tobacco companies knew for 40 years that smoke contains cancer-causing particles?

The research showed cigarettes were causing cancer in the 1940 but the Surgeon General didn’t announce it until 1964 and Congress didn’t act against smoking for public health until 1970.

Data takes time, like 40-50 years!

So why wait 50 years for nutritional studies and instead of look at what is happening to our clients who reverse their symptoms and labs and no longer need medications.

If you are still sick 6 months later while working with functional doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, get help from us so we can optimize your nutrition to repair your immune system so your symptoms and labs reverse.

We have clients who no longer need medications because they fully heal and we share client results every week as a proof that with our daily help and guidance, you can get the same results.

There is somebody in this world who needs YOUR testimonial of disease reversal.

Because they are in the dark and way behind you and they need your story to be that LIGHT so they can see what direction to take. Are you ready to reverse your disease so you can share your healing story?

Maybe you feel this way:

– You’re always waking up in pain.

-It’s difficult to play with your grandchildren because you’re tired.

-You no longer feel “energetic” like you used to… and disease and death feels imminent.

-All the money you’ve saved for retirement is going towards supplements, anti inflammatory protocols, or treatments (which don’t seem to move the needle).

-Your brain feels “foggy” and you can’t think clearly.

Get help from us.

Our program is where we use food as medicine.

If you really want to reverse to disease, you need to use the food to provide nutrition for rapid cellular repair and healthy immunity.

And what happens is people eliminate their pain that they carried for decades.

It is one of the most beautiful experiences and it is the most effective. The results are very quick.

P.S. Details on the waiting list below.

Talk to us and use this link below.

We have conversations and accept people in based on availability, application, your condition and whether or not we can help you.

Sometimes to get to the next level you have to first realize you’re not smart enough to get to the next level on your own. 

It’s impossible to advance past your hubris. Most of what you learn at bottom has to be unlearned at the top.

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