Beware the copycats

We’ve noticed a pretty amusing trend in the autoimmune industry lately.

Well, we say “amusing” but it’s not funny at all.

We are talking about other supposed “autoimmune coaches”

Seems like they’ve popped up all over the place.

Competition is healthy, and we’re at the top of our practice. 


  • 11 years in the industry
  • HUNDREDS of our clients reversed their disease with our help globally (and we have hundred of video testimonials as a proof shared on this page).
  • And enormous tank of client success…

Can’t be replicated. 

So that’s not what this is about.

It’s about the coaches who are FAILING their clients by offering sub-par information and implementation.

We, personally, know for a fact that some of these so-called autoimmune experts failed at reversing their own autoimmune disease… (they still test positive for autoimmune markers and still take medications to manage their symptoms) and yet they are promising others that they can help them reverse their autoimmune disease. Imagine working with a coach who claims that his/her process works but they haven’t personally tested, vetted, and successfully implemented and is proven to work for hundreds/thousands of people.

Recently talked to a chiropractor who has been having joint pain for a long time. He haven’t figured how to cure his joint pain and yet he is telling his patients that he can help them cure theirs. How can someone help you if they haven’t figure out how to reverse their own disease and they haven’t successfully got results for at least hundreds of people?

And why does it take 6-12 months for their clients to see progress/results while majority of our clients become symptom free in a matter of 4-6 weeks and some no longer even need to take medications?

And our clients actually get normal immune function and remain disease free for life.

Those functional doctors, nutritionists, and chiroproctors leading their patients BADLY astray.

Which is pretty low, if you ask us.

You EARN the right to coach.

Don’t just jump on someone elses program because you see our success and the success of our clients assume you can get the SAME results working with a nutritionists or a chiropractor.


There are plenty of mistakes someone can make who’s trying to reverse their disease.

And that goes DOUBLE for anyone who’s been in it a while and wants to get to the finish line (because people often plateau and need to know how to get out of the plateau and get to their finish line).

But the WORST mistake of all, if you want to get your health back…  is going to a bad coach.
You can spot a bad coach from their lack of directions where they tell you “just avoid gluten and eat more apples or follow anti-inflammatory diet and keep a food diary.

Or their lack of understand of the immune system, so they don’t understand which healthy foods actually trigger the immune system respond in the wrong way.

Demand better.

Our program is NOT average because of its track record and high success rate but not everybody is ready for it NOR can we work with everyone. (Every month we have to go on a waiting list early (link in a bio @viktoriyaandoksana to keep the experience where it needs to be).

If you refuse to be capped by your past or limited by your mistakes. You recognize you’re in a season to ADVANCE not to retreat and you know that with the proper guidance and proven process, you can reverse your disease and remain disease free for life.

We’ll help you get started, provide SPECIFIC instructions to your disease and symptoms, and guide you through it the RIGHT way so you make zero mistakes in your healing.

Maybe you feel this way:

– You’re always waking up in pain.

-It’s difficult to play with your grandchildren because you’re tired.

-You no longer feel “energetic” like you used to… and disease and death feels imminent.

-All the money you’ve saved for retirement is going towards supplements, anti inflammatory protocols, or treatments (which don’t seem to move the needle).

-Your brain feels “foggy” and you can’t think clearly.

-Your still test postive for autoimmune and medications affecting your liver.

– And now you are dealing with long haul covid symtoms that cannot seem to go away because your immune is so weak.

Get help from us.

Our program is where we use food as medicine.

If you really want to reverse to disease, you need to use the food to provide nutrition for rapid cellular repair and healthy immunity.

And what happens is people eliminate their pain that they carried for decades.

It is one of the most beautiful experiences and it is the most effective. The results are very quick.

P.S. Details on the waiting list below.

We have conversations and accept people in based on availability, application, your condition and whether or not we can help you.

If someone is doing better than you, there are only two things that could be different: 

1. They’re DOING something different than you are doing

2. They BELIEVE something different than you believe 

The first comes from the latter.

If you’re ready for personal help and results like these, schedule your call with us here and join our next opening:

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