Why doctors say there is no cure for your disease? What is the difference between remission vs FULL disease reversal

Sometimes when people make changes towards a less inflammatory way of eating or eliminate inflammatory foods from their diet, they will notice an initial REDUCTION in symptoms and can even experience remission.

So, if you get rid of some foods that cause inflammation, you’re going to have improvement in your health.

People can achieve remission while making some positive dietary changes, however, the disease is still there and can come back whenever they eat “off plan.”

What often happens with someone who went into remission, 1-2 years later they often plateau or start getting worse again simply because they didn’t achieve full disease reversal but instead they REDUCED disease activity while disease is STILL there.

Makes sense?

  • 1. Remission by definition is that there are no active symptoms that you have at that moment but the markers in the blood still indicate an autoimmune disease.
  • 2. Remission means your condition is stable and you are not getting worse, BUT you are also not getting better.
  • 3. People can HIDE the evidence of disease with anti-inflammatory protocols and different diets and even with medication, but if they still test positive for autoimmunity and still have to be on medications, they still have a chronic illness.
  • 4. Reversal is a step further where the condition is not symptomatic but also not found in any blood markers.

Basically, full disease reversal is the complete absence of the disease ever being there in the first place. Do you understand now the difference between reversal vs remission?


  • 1. In our program, we give individual 1-1 guidance to maximize their ability to heal in the shortest period of time.
  • When the program ends, then we decide based on results what you do next. 2. Your labs are reversing in 40 days.
  • For example, kidney function goes up quickly in our program(s), normally with benefits to the GFR and creatinine seen in a week or less. Blood pressures and high cholesterol normalizes in 3 weeks.
  • 3. A healthy body will be able to tolerate inflammatory foods without getting symptoms back, but you have to reverse your symptoms and labs first and remain symptom free and medications free.


We, personally, know for a fact that some of these so-called autoimmune experts failed at reversing their own autoimmune disease… (they still test positive for autoimmune markers and still take medications to manage their symptoms) and yet they are promising others that they can help them reverse their autoimmune disease.

And why does it take 6-12 months for their clients to see progress/results while majority of our clients become symptom free in a matter of 4-6 weeks and some no longer even need to take medication?

Most of the autoimmune programs that exist today run by so-called “experts” are not delivering on the promises they give to their clients. (AKA – overcharging and intensely UNDERdelivering). What do we mean by this? Many coaches offer GROUP programs and not even 1-1 where they tell their clients to buy tons of supplements, do tons of tests and follow very complicated protocols that average people cannot simply follow. And why do they “guarantee” results when they share NONE?Because of this, many of their patients start with weak foundations (like building a house of straw) with strategies that simply don’t work.

As someone who is immensely passionate about helping our clients reverse their disease as rapidly as possible and SUCCEED – we refuse to stand by and watch this happen.

We are taking aggressive action to fight the ‘an-autoimmune-expert-over-night’ phenomenon.


Often people who need help the most are not open because they’ve heard from their doctor that there is no cure and so they discount using alternative methods without even trying it.

The word cure has too much emotion around it which is why we don’t use it even though when there is no sign of disease via labs and symptoms and medications is no longer needed, it is basically a cure.

As a scientist, I (Oksana) believe it is imperative that we observe what is happening in front of us with an open mind and curiosity, not with judgment and preconceived beliefs.

However, I do understand the skepticism and disbelief. I myself never believed until I started to be a witness seeing our clients healing so rapidly and they remain pain free, symptom free, normal labs for years.

We always tell our clients that if your doctor says you can’t reverse autoimmune diseases that just means they have never done it or seen it, not that it isn’t possible.

We also tell them to stay with their doctor so they can prove it to them. Are you ready to prove them wrong?


We are enrolling clients now for our next opening.

Several people have already put down their deposit to get started.

Why are we doing it this way?


We don’t take clients we don’t have time or focus or energy to guarantee profitable experiences.

Talent is an overrated quality and highly misattributed for why people are successful. Give me someone who has high standards, who makes (and KEEPS) commitments, with a willingness to hold themselves and other accountable… And even with low comparable talent, they will succeed eventually and I want that person on our team.

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