Remission and reversal are NOT a cure. What is a cure?

Inflammation is how your body responds to any thread.

When you hit your knees, when you have a virus, or a bacterial infection, you have an inflammatory response, because your body is trying to heal itself and repair the damage.

However, when you have inflammation every single day, you develop CHRONIC inflammation, that’s when you start triggering genes for disease.

Chronic inflammation needs to be LONG enough until the point when those genes for disease get triggered.

That’s why when we eliminate anything that causes inflammation and give your body the right tools to REPAIR every single cell in your body, reversal happens at a rapid rate.

Our bodies can recover from many great insults if we AVOID things that hurt them and GIVE them what they need to heal.

We teach our clients how to enable their immune system to function optimally and get the inflammation down so that they can start feeling better as soon as 40 days!!

In our program, the WHOLE body heals, you will improve the health of your organs like your heart, kidneys, lungs, the strength of your bones, and decrease your risk of cancer and chronic disease.

In addition, skin lesions, high cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, headaches, menstrual cycle pains, gut problems, etc.

Because the nutrition flows into every single organ and every single cell and repair takes place at a rapid rate!

  • If you still have to be on medications
  • If you still have positive autoimmune markers
  • If you develop ANOTHER autoimmune disease after you went into “remission” for another one
  • If you keep getting sick with covid
  • If you still have hair loss or flare ups
  • If you’re following an autoimmune protocol found on google or autoimmune books that’s written by doctors who don’t advance beyond their education, such as “remove dairy, sugar, soy, eat organic” but you’re actually poisoning yourself and that poison spreads through the whole body keeping you from fully reversing your disease (a cure), but still have symptoms or autoimmune markers and have to be on medications to manage your disease.

…. you have not FULLY reversed the disease.

For example, if you were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and you thought it was gone because you followed outdated advice from functional doctors or nutritionists who don’t share any results, Hashimoto’s was never fully reversed, but you probably could have gotten into remission.

You know you are FULLY healed when:

  • there is no sign of disease
  • medications are no longer needed
  • you also experienced other benefits such as better skin, better nails and hair, optimal immune system, high energy…

After almost a decade of helping clients reversing “incurable” diseases, and now that we ourselves have been disease-free (normal symptoms and optimal labs that we shared on our Instagram), we feel comfortable saying that ALL autoimmune diseases reversible, and we are in awe every day by the capacity of the human body to repair itself when we get out of it’s way and give it what it needs CORRECTLY!

In or program(s) each client gets individual feedback on what they eat, how much they eat and their daily struggles, and how to improve all those things until they get their optimal results.

Majority of our clients become symptom free in 40 days as well as their labs reverse (see our Instagram).

Let me ask you this: does your functional doctor, nutritionist, chiropractor shares client results every single week or they claim how they helped thousands of people but yet none of those people are symptom free, and reversed their labs?

Every time you get to a new level you’ll be TESTED at that level.

Many retreat, back down to the level beneath it.

Some don’t.

In the short term it feels hard to stay at the level that feels beyond you but you will make it.

In the long term, nothing is as hard as knowing you passed the test to TAKE the ground but failed the test to KEEP it.

Hang onto it.

Strengthen up.

Always ready.

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