“What does beach and scuba diving has to do with disease reversal?”

The busier you are, the MORE you need to decompress, relax and add happy activities to your day, not LESS.

3 things for self care:

  • 1. Something that relaxes you
  • 2. Something that is social
  • 3. Something that gets your body moving

Scuba diving is all 3 and this what what brings me the most happiness.

🫶 Find what brings YOU happiness. 🫶

By decreasing your self care, you are creating more stress on your body, decreasing your happiness, and increasing inflammation and making yourself sicker.

If you only take water out of your cup and you never REFILL it, you will run out.

However, if you keep refilling every day, your supply is ENDLESS.

In addition, after working with hundreds of clients, we have discovered that clients who are happy, mellow, do fun activities, have good relationships, enjoy their life, – we fix their nutrition, their autoimmune symptoms are gone as soon as 6 weeks!

Then there are everybody else who have poor self-care, negative beliefs, depression and lack of motivation – it takes them a lot longer to heal.

  • Their happiness is a yo-go.
  • Their stress is a yo-yo.
  • Their CONFIDENCE is a yo-yo.
  • Their self-care is a yo-yo.
  • Their nutrition is a yo-yo.

People who spend their afternoons desperately studying the news, googling about their disease, political situations — they’re INCREASING the frustrations they feel.

If you’re spending your time running around, “chasing” things that are not worth chasing, you run the risk of perpetuating the thing you don’t like to begin with.

✅Here’s an experiment for you:

  • For ONE DAY, REFUSE to THINK or SPEAK about things you have no control over.
  • And ONLY think about the things you want to see happen in your life.

…and just see what happens…

When feeling defeated turn off social media. It’s like magic ✨— ocean and sun bring almost instant relief.


It’s never as bad as you think it is in the moment, nor is it as permanent

A year from now you won’t care about most of what’s bothering you right now, so stop letting it bother you right now

Look backwards and think about everything that’s tried to stop you — but you’re still here… and you’ll still be here next year: problems are inevitable but how much power you give them is up to you

Money is less important than time; time is less important than energy (guard your energy and your time will be more potent; the more potent your time is the more resources you’ll accrue)

Everone feels like an imposter when they arrive at a new level; don’t go back to where you felt comfortable, stay until you feel comfortable

The best hack to feel wealthier is generosity; this can be little: pay for someone else’s food, donate to a cause you believe in, give to your church — the purpose of resource is to create macro lift.

Happiness is a skill… you can only practice the skill when you feel like your circumstances are not conducive to being ‘happy’

If there is a big obstacle in front of you, make your target bigger… the size of problem is relative to the size of outcome — bigger outcome = by default, smaller problem.

The quality of your decision is inversely correlated to how much dopamine you have in your brain when making the decision; fast social media before a big decision.

Sleep a lot (I recently got serious again about my sleep after a ~year of being ‘too busy,’ this was a trap… you’re never too busy to take care of yourself mentally and physically).

Negative people will ruin your drive… I’m less concerned about what type of jobs my friends have and more concerned with whether they’re chronically negative and “doomsday” about everything

A secret superpower is reading — if you can go 10 minutes without stopping or thinking about anything other than the book you’re reading, you have a competitive advantage 90% of the world doesn’t have

Can’t wait for the week.

We live in the greatest era in the history of the world…

Don’t waste it.

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