“I believe in the discipline of mastering the best that other people have ever figured out. I don’t believe in just sitting down and trying to dream it all up yourself. Nobody’s that smart.” —Charlie Munger

Before solving a problem, I always look to a small circle of individuals to see if they’ve experienced the same thing. Usually, someone has experienced it and went on to fix it. It’s going to be much cheaper for me to ask them, pay them, or buy information off them to model their solution. 

The only time this doesn’t work is if you have nobody in your orbit (meaning your physical environment or your online environment) worth looking up to. If everybody around you is a failure, don’t model their solutions because they don’t have any. If there are people you’re learning from, studying, or spending time with who are capable of building great things — see if they’ve solved the problem before going off on your own to fix it. 


Intelligent people are easily seduced by complexity while underestimating the importance of simple ideas that carry tremendous weight. —William Green

The older I get the more I value simplicity. Our minds LOVE to make things complex. Sometimes, you have to allow some complexity in at a micro level. That’s okay. If you have to do this, just force some extra simplicity at the macro. 

The simpler it gets, the more robust it gets. We think we need to make things complicated to accommodate many things — when in reality, we need to focus on fewer things so that they actually work. 

How many times were you told by your functional doctor or nutritionionist that you need to take supplements, do IVS, do sensitivites tests, do elimination diets, do detox, do fasting? In our program, we actually tell people to STOP doing all that and focus on the main things. No need to make your healing journey complex.


Opportunity is all around us. If you can’t see it, perhaps you’re obsessed with reviving an old opportunity that you are not supposed to keep reviving. There’s no shortage of moves to make, only shortage of energy. 

One time I was at a conference and an attendee asked me how I manage my time, considering “time is my greatest asset.”

In that moment I had a realization: time is not my greatest asset. It’s not yours, either.

What is time without the energy to savor it? It’s worthless. 

Therefore, energy is your greatest opportunity.

Time may be the vehicle, but energy is what powers it for productive purposes. Looking back on my life, I can see a few “black holes” where I went into protection mode, and I missed great opportunities because I was worried about protecting old ones. 

Mark my words: the biggest moments of growth and fulfillment for you, will happen right after you leave something comfortable and “common,” and head into something uncomfortable and “uncommon.” Sometimes this means a new city, a new set of friends, a new mentor, new habits or even just a new morning routine. Don’t hang on for too long. 

Energy comes from people NOT things.

Have you ever felt completely “free” and unrestrained? When was that? Particularly, who was around you when you felt that way? This is a question not enough people ask and it hurts our ability to produce and get RESULTS.

When you feel like you “have” to do something but do not really want to, pay attention to WHO is behind it. In my life, it’s often tied to people, not situations. A situation only has power over me when some part of my identity or happiness is dependent on a person involved in the situation.

Humans are spiritual first and foremost, and as such we tend to be impressionable to the energy of those around us.

It’s important that as you begin to experience growth or if you are in the process of disease reversal, you stay on high alert for the people that give you your life back. Slow down and pick your people well; by this I mean partners, friends, employees, coaches, colleagues, and connections.

It is less about what you know but WHO you know.

When you take on wrong clients and cannot help them, you destabilize your entire ecosystem.  It’s better to have 3 clients that are excellent. Than 30 clients but 15 of them are wrong. We are VERY cautious of who we accept as clients. It’s not a tactic. It’s a basic rule in business.

Most of your “anxiety” is likely coming from two things:

1. Not knowing where your time is going

2. Your time going into the wrong things

3. As a bonus, needing to do the same things over and over again because you don’t have systems to replicate and repeat your results.

The more you can create predictability in how you spend and where you place your time, the better you will feel.

And the better you feel, the happier you become and happier you become the more success you will experience.

Our setup utilizes solving problems for our clients 2x faster.

Here’s an example…

People who take action quickly always get rewarded with the best deal and the most value. As time goes on, people who are overthinkers and feet draggers end up paying more.

Don’t sleep walk December my friends.

This is a month of great opportunity.


Opportunists develop a reputation and it’s not a reputation that you want. If you are to become known for something, become known as an advocate of people. There is a difference between caring about someone and caring about what that someone can do for you. Slow down and pick your people well; by this I mean partners, friends, employees, colleagues, and connections. 

Refuse to let situations rob you of your moments. At the end of your life, if you were given the option to go back and live it all again, make choices now so that you will have no reason to go back and mess it up. This requires living appropriately the first time. 

A few great questions to help you stay centered in this: 

  • “If I repeated today 1,000 days in a row, what would happen?” 
  • “What would need to happen today for the previous question to have a favorable answer?” 
  • “If my 80-year-old self were looking at this memory that I’m living real time right now, what would they be proud to see?” 
  • “If my life was limited to the end of this year — would I be doing this right now?” 

Ego blinds the mind.

Fear blinds the heart.

No ego.

No fear.

Pursue your vision and lift the rest of the world with you as you do it.

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