“Western Medicine made me sick. I am so glad I found you because the person I am now vs the person I was 6 weeks ago is just night and day.”

“To not have to worry about your health and to know that there are solutions and that you have the possibility to heal is very empowering.” Our client Ladonna shared.

• Was avoiding gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, fried foods, nightshades, legumes
• Hashimotos for 40 years
• Low in Vitamin D and elevated liver enzymes due to medications
• Thyroid nodules found 8 months ago
• Major anxiety (had for decades)
• Irritability
• Lethargic
• Muscle aches in arms and legs
• Horrible insomnia
• Pressure behind the eyes
• Dry eyes (symptoms of thyroid eye disease Graves)
• Always bloated
• High cholesterol
• Diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 years ago
• Had double mastectomy with reconstruction 10 years ago
• The reconstruction failed and was removed
• Was in ICY for 28 days with major artery ruptured
• Developed pneumonia, blood cloths and collapsed lung and Gangrene while at the hospital
• After taking 4 antibiotics IVs, developed candida, sibo and leaky gut.
• Brain fog and unable to cry

10 years ago, our client Ladonna had major surgery: double mastectomy with 3 reconstruction and while in recovery major artery collapsed. Was in ICU for 28 days. When she went home, she developed blood clots and collapsed lungs.

“I’ve done a lot of programs. I have done 3 weeks programs, but I only felt good for a short period of time and there was nothing about how to move forward.”

After 40 days:
• Better sleep
• Fibromyalgia is gone
• Irritability improved
• Less headache
• No more aches
• No more anxiety
• No more brain fog
• No more fatigue
• No more hashimotos symptoms
• No more joint pain
• Waking up feeling rested

“My anxiety used to be through the roof. And I could even be in a calm state and still find myself anxious. That’s improved grateful.”

“When you get sick, and medicine fails you. You will go to any links to get well. The way you present and the knowledge. It is very easy.”

“The person I am now vs the person I was 6 weeks ago is just night and day.”

“And my husband said there is more glimmer in my eyes, and I am not easily frustrated the way I used to be.”

“Even if somebody chooses to do your program if they don’t do the HOMEWORK, then they can’t expect results.”

“You provide the tools in a very easy to understand in a very logical platform. All we have to do is implement that. “

“When I got so sick, and doctors keep giving me more medicine. There is something wrong when side effects of medicine are worse than the disease itself. “

“I felt worse on this medicine than before I started them. Western medicine made me sick.”

“I don’t think anybody would look at me know that I was as close to dying as I was.”

“It has been a journey and I am so glad I found you. it has been just night and day.”

When Ladonna found our page, she took the time to watch our videos and her application was filled out in very clear details. She works long hours to support her needs but still was very committed to her healing. This is the type of clients that will be success in our program.

When you feel like you “have” to do something but do not really want to, pay attention to WHO is behind it.

Humans are spiritual first and foremost, and as such we tend to be impressionable to the energy of those around us.

It’s important that as you begin to experience growth or if you are in the process of disease reversal, you stay on high alert for the people that give you your life back.

Slow down and pick your people well; by this I mean partners, friends, employees, coaches, colleagues, and connections.

It is less about what you know but WHO you know.


This is simple, and easy to fix — but tough to acknowledge. Many times, a person will get lulled into the trap of staying stuck FAR longer than they needed to, and they’ll justify it by saying “I just need to figure it out myself.”

It’s pretty difficult to figure something out yourself, you’ll either have to spend the time or the money – but you will not achieve the goal without spending something. You can compress time by spending money. You can decrease the amount of money it takes by spending time.

The timeline of my growth is very important to me. I would rather invest the money that you can back than the time which is impossible to get back. You get to choose.


When you look at a successful person’s life, what you are really looking at is a person who has mastered these two ingredients (yield and time) to create a certain outcome. I placed an emphasis on “create” because that’s exactly what success is — CREATED. People waste their lives trying to FIND happiness, FIND success, FIND peace, FIND health — but these things are, ultimately, created by understanding the way the world works.

Ingredient #1 is yield. What is the “yield” on the habits, activities, relationships, and duties in your life? Ingredient #2 is time. These two ingredients work together to produce an outcome. You can have a very high yielding activity, performed once or twice and you will probably NOT achieve the desired outcome. Likewise, you can have a low yielding activity, done daily for many years, and not achieve what you want. Both ingredients are required in sufficient volume to achieve anything worthwhile.

Diligence in the wrong direction will not get you what you want. A person can work very hard, yet be doing the WRONG things… we have to make sure you are only doing activities that produce yield (produce RESULTS).

Likewise, I see people do the right things – that should produce a high yield… and they will be consistent with these activities, for ONLY 1 month. So they do something for 1 month and quit.

Most people pay the cost (pain) then lock in a zero ROI by quitting. 

Winners carry through, just a bit longer, and pull a yield on every painful moment.

All that really matters to us anymore are the RESULTS our clients get. As a rule, the more we ignore everything else and just focus on ABSOLUTE certainty in the RESULTS side of things.

One day can change your life.

One relationship can change your life.

One connection, one idea, one thread..

Humans overestimate BIG jumps and underestimate small, incremental but IMPORTANT steps forward. 

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