99% of the world settles. They pretend they didn’t. But they did. You can feel it when they look at you. Their eyes are sad. They know they’re pretending.

They know they could’ve tried but instead, they chose safety.

You have ONE RULE: DO. NOT. SETTLE. And don’t get domesticated. The world is full of domesticated humans who had vision once but the slow beat down of life, methodically, systemically took it out of them.

They once woke up with FIRE and now they wake up with DREAD. “Another day of going through the motions.” “I just learned to live with this disease.” they often tell me this the first time we talk. The fire in them is gone.

Our goal is to bring that fire back so you can live the life you know you deserve to live without pain, suffering, fear and limitations.

There is an energy transfer behind every human interaction.

You can tell almost instantly, at a spirit level, who has sold out and who hasn’t.

Listen, here’s the good news: if you feel that you have settled, it is not a “state” or a “predicament” you are stuck in — it is a choice. And you can stop making that choice whenever you want. You can reverse the choice. You’re going to have to fix two things first:



3. INFORMATION (speed and customization)

4. SUSTAIN RESULTS LONG TERM (accountability)

One of the greatest tools in the WORLD is information.

We take information and customize it for each client based on their goal, STATE of illness, organ function, etc…

This is how you can think of level 2, “speed.” When you can customize something, you heal 2x – 5x SPEED.

The faster we bring results to someone, the more “conditioning” they will need to HOLD IT.

Many people view their lives transactionally. “If I can just get to the next level,” or “if i can just feel better”

But there are two battles here:
• The battle to GET there
• The battle to STAY there

LEVEL 2 is access

Having access to someone who knows how to get results 2x 5x faster and CONSISTENT results is the key…

We introduce action and accountability.

OUR clients know what to do, how to do it, and (most importantly) when to do it.

We make it easy for clients to get access to us, our team, our thinking. REAL TIME.

We offer calls that are easily accessible. Our main goal is to shorten the time frame of “Help, what do I do here,” to “Here is the answer.”

One of the hardest things in the world is knowing what you want.

Then, after you get that straightened up, the second hardest thing is knowing what to do to get what you want.

Here’s an interesting exercise for you.

Step 1: write down everything you don’t want.

Step 2: reverse everything from step 1.


• Reactive

• Up and down days. One day you feel good, the next you are not

 • Overcomplicating things

• Poor self-care and mindset

Here’s the list in reverse:

• Proactive (aka — strategic and methodical)

• Steady (aka — predictable and steady)

• Leveraged (aka — “flow,” happy, FUN)

• Sustainable (can you remain disease free for life without the need of medication, without spending tons of money on supplements, expensive foods.

Lessons – FOR LIFE

As this year is ending, I want you to prioritize some time to THINK. About who you are, and who you want to be. About what you’re doing, and what you want to be doing.

You can do ten times as much as you think you can but it will probably take you twice as long as you thought it would… don’t stop in the middle.

• If you win too soon you won’t savor it, and will always wonder if you just ‘got lucky’

• Sometimes the most profitable thing for the human spirit is a season of setback, to retrain and retune what is important to you

• People, not things/awards/money, people — make life meaningful…

• Winning big doesn’t happen quickly it happens CONSISTENTLY, it’s easier to go from level

3 to level 300 than level 1 to level 3

• The future belongs to the excited and enthusiastic; if you are not enthusiastic about reversing your disease, no one is going to help you… take your vision seriously that gets you out of bed in the morning

• Maintain a long term perspective on your life — try to get out of the instinctual ‘30 day’ map humans default to — go 3 years and beyond, asking “what should I say now if I want to arrive THERE in 3 years?”

• Disengage from anything or any person that makes you feel weak, small, scared, chronically frustrated or anxious… energy is elastic and transferable, you get to control ‘what’ controls you.

“I had no idea what your program was all about. I was presently surprised that every day, no matter what questions I threw at you, you answered them. So that is very unusual. I am a nurse by a professional. To get an appointment with doctor here it might be 3-4 weeks. With you ladies it was daily. The zoom classes was once per week, great information. I like the guides further zoom calls. It exceeded my expectations. I am looking for quality of life and it looks like you guys have given me that. I appreciate that you guys are research scientists and you put your heart and soul in it” our client shared


You will win if you want to win badly enough.

Champions aren’t taken down by outside circumstances — they succeed or fail from within 🏆

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