There are things that are priceless and there are things that are important. If you don’t understand the difference between the two…you will lose them BOTH….

  • Look backwards and think about everything that’s tried to stop you — but you’re still here… and you’ll still be here next year: problems are inevitable but how much power you give them is up to you.
  • Everyone feels like an imposter when they arrive at a new level; don’t go back to where you felt comfortable, stay until you feel comfortable.
  • The best hack to feel wealthier is generosity; this can be little: pay for someone else’s food, donate to a cause you believe in, give to your church — the purpose of resource is to create macro lift.
  • Happiness is a skill… you can only practice the skill when you feel like your circumstances are not conducive to being ‘happy’.
  • Negative people will ruin your drive… I’m less concerned about whether my friends are rich or poor and more concerned with whether they’re chronically negative and “doomsday” about everything.
  • One of the most depressed people are those who say they want something and they break their own promise. They lose their trust with themselves. Imagine being at the end of your life and you could have made deceit and you could have lived differently but you didn’t. There will be sadness in your eyes. Not spending time with people and doing things that matters to them the most…. It is about the moments.
  • Every time you deviate from WHO you know you’re deeply committed to being, you lose power.
  • Failure is a gateway.You cannot become masterful without it. Criticism is another.
  • Most people are going to be too stupid to understand anything but their own viewpoint. Understanding this sooner rather than later is a key to influence.
  • Nobody attempts to get strong by making it easy. You get strong by lifting shit that is heavy. When it’s no longer heavy, make it heavier.
  • If a thought hits your brain and you do not correct it or amplify it — you do not have control. You would not run a marathon while eating trash — you cannot win in life while mentally feeding on garbage.
  • Do not make decisions based on the approval or disapproval of the crowd. They are making judgements with limited information while you see the whole deck.
  • We lose more money by hanging onto old people and old opportunities than we do by not seeing new opportunity. You cannot break into new levels if you’re scared of disrupting old levels.
  • Mentally prepare yourself in every way possible, then once you are certain there are no weaknesses in your thinking, move like the wind. The wind is fast and invisible. People notice it but cannot keep up with it.
  • There is a difference between caring about someone and caring about what that someone can do for you. Transactional people struggle to maintain long term relationships.
  • You can do ten times as much as you think you can but it will probably take you twice as long as you thought it would… don’t stop in the middle. Most people pay the price and then quit before they get the goods they paid for.
  • Know the difference between being tired, and no longer wanting the outcome you set out to achieve.If you win too soon you won’t savor it, and will always wonder if you just ‘got lucky.’ Sometimes the greatest gift will be losing it, and then building it again.
  • In many cases, the most profitable thing for the human spirit is a season of setback, to retrain and retune what is important to you.If you’ve lost a loved one, you know what it’s like to be “retuned” to the most important elements of life. Loss always brings tremendous clarity.
  • Winning big doesn’t happen quickly — it happens consistently.
  • You won’t have time to feel like an imposter when you are fighting like hell to achieve something big. Two people feel imposter syndrome: lottery winners, and people whose goals are too small.
  • You can achieve “above average” track records in every area of your life — it’s just hard so people pick a lane at the expense of the others. Don’t settle for one category of winning. Win them all.
  • If you can’t try something new and fail, you will become complacent and stagnant and someone else will end up owning your territory. Duration at the top comes from breaking your own models and rebuilding them often.
  • Hang onto your allies. Allies will take hits for you, associates quit when it’s convenient. The temptation in good times is to trade allies (expensive) for associates (cheap). Don’t do this.
  • Only two things can kill a good business: hiring bad team, accepting bad customers/clients. Addendum: once you know they’re bad, leaving them there is just as deadly.
  • Fear never fully leaves, BUT: Part of the inoculation is your fears coming true and realizing they weren’t worthy of your fear in the first place. Sir John Templeton, one of the greatest investors of all time: “To overcome fear, the best thing is to be overwhelmingly grateful.” An addendum — you will always fear most the things you haven’t been through.
  • It’s only too hard if your goals are too small. As long as I’m prioritizing correctly, I would rather have a lot to do than a little.
  • My needed downtime is mostly for directional clarity. Once I am confident in direction, I enjoy an insane pace all the way to the finish line.
  • Life has a way of rewarding those who do not “need it.” As counterintuitive as it may seem, your longevity is tied to your ability to disconnect from outcomes and connect into process.
  • A commitment to live transformationally, not transactionally…
  • If your opinions are popular they’re probably incorrect.
  • Sometime life will save you from yourself. If I had always gotten what I wanted, I’d be weak, insignificant, and likely powerless. You develop significance when you don’t get the desired outcome and PUSH though anyway.
  • One day can change your life. One relationship can change your life. One connection, one idea, one thread.. Humans overestimate BIG jumps and underestimate small, incremental but IMPORTANT steps forward.
  • My number one goal is to be happy. Happiness is way underrated.
  • To have good memories… Ten years from now I am going to be remembering the things I am doing now…how I spend my time, the words I use and the people I gather —it is important to me I remember it fondly.
  • To make magic…The problem with boring business is that they are boring. That’s very attractive to some people but there is no magic in it…to move the world you need to have a little wizardry in you.
  • Less fear…every decision you make out of fear will create the thing you’re afraid of. Fear always backfires.
  • Less entitlement….you are entitled to exactly nothing. Nature is cruel and life respond to what you deserve, not what you want. If you want something, go earn it.
  • Less drag…. what things are you holding onto that are no longer necessary or important? Can be physical or emotional. Let is go and start running free.
  • Less perfectionism…. just do it. it will be fun, even if isn’t perfect.
  • Bigger vision… so your strength doesn’t falter under times of pressure.
  • Good friends are underrated. Being a good friend is underrated. You attract what you are, the first step is YOU.
  • Know what real wealth is. Wealth — REAL WEALTH — is having enough and THEN having CONTROL . Control of the way you use your time…Who you spend your time with….And the memories created with the best years you have to live…. 👊
  • If you can’t wait to get to the weekend or get a “break,” you’re either not inspired enough (and should stop) OR you’re growing too fast (and should slow down).
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, STOP ADDING NEW THINGS TO YOUR PLATE. Progress comes from focus.
  • If you focus really hard on the wrong actions / strategy, you will go broke. Make sure your direction is sound.
  • If you feel afraid, ever — fix your circle now. Get around folks who know what they’re doing and are having fun… fear is cancer.
  • Don’t balk at something being expensive, learn to be concerned when something is too cheap. Reading for at least 45 minutes a day will make IP creation and general creativity skyrocket. Prioritize it.
  • As you build your to do list, try building a “not to do” list and stay away from it. Productivity comes from defense as well as offense.
  • If you’re paying payroll each month and still stressing about “balance” and lack of free time, fire people and pay yourself their payroll. Or get a better team.
  • Remember the revenue is not the goal. The happy client is the goal.
  • Life has a way of filtering out the people who just don’t want it badly enough. How do you know if someone doesn’t want it? They talk a lot, but don’t do a lot. They say “I want this to work — no, I NEED this to work — and I will do anything.”
  • WINNERS are missional and driven by MORE than just results. If you’re NOT that, you can’t be a client.
  • Your biggest opportunities will feel the most uncomfortable.
  • It’s harder to leave something old than start something new. Our brain wants to be right and it will resist anything that will make your life different even if it will bring you more happiness and more success.
  • Your comfort level with the “unknown” determines your future.
  • Failure must be reframed as LESSONS, champions accrue more power as the pressure increases.
  • Knowing what you want and WHEN you want it is a SUPERPOWER.
  • You will have fans and haters — all percentages… don’t allow growth if you can’t handle the accompanying increase in criticism.
  • Every time you get to a new level you’ll be TESTED at that level. Many retreat, back down to the level beneath it Some don’t. In the short term it feels hard to stay at the level that feels beyond you but you will make it. In the long term, nothing is as hard as knowing you passed the test to TAKE the ground but failed the test to KEEP it. Hang onto it. Strengthen up. Always ready.
  • People will tell you that they are ready then get “hit in the mouth” or they get hit with a few set of challenges….and they quit. Over enough rounds you will who your “it it to win it” player are and never let those people go. There will be challenges. There will be setbacks. You and I, we will both make mistakes that we will learn from and reconcile from… but sometimes the biggest freedom you can give yourself, the biggest permission you can grant yourself, is this: peoples’ reactions to you are not your problem.
  • You build a great life through the daily accumulation of simple moments. A walk in the sun. Sitting by the fireplace reading a book, watching the sunrise.. 99% are looking for the big milestones without realizing all happiness is found in between them. Memories are non renewable — to be collected savored as time clocks forward 💪
  • If you’re growing you will face many obstacles. Life is only easy for the plateaued or the stagnant… although that is just another form of ‘hard.’ A few years ago I started studying figures who lived & died before me. People who carried massive weight on their shoulders… And quickly realized that MOST of my ‘problems’ only seemed big to me because I didn’t have other reference points to compare them to. As you progress through the levels, your problems get bigger because you’re comparing them to the problems of last year last season last etc. Compare your problem to Abraham Lincoln’s problems and they don’t seem as big. Twenty nine years of failure, with one win thrown in the middle — and then immediately after his biggest “win” the country torn in half by war. The whole country thought it was his fault at one point… the FOCUS necessary to just keep going had to have been insane. But he was prepared to tune it all out — 29 years of failure had conditioned him to ignore the naysayers and just keep trying.


The smartest person I personally know, spends several hours a day thinking…

Writes 2-3 hours a day.

Maybe 2 hours a day actual “work.”

Grind culture is stupid culture.


Things that matter more:

✅Do you feel you’re growing every day — even when the days are hard?

✅Do you have control over your thoughts and actions, or are you a slave to comparison?✅

✅Do you TALK TO your customers and clients or are they just a means to a revenue figure for you?

✅When all is said and done, will your kids remember you (and this season) fondly or will they wish you were home more?

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