Happy New 2023 Year

Wealth, as defined by me, is having PLENTY of whatever makes you HAPPY.

This requires generating a level of freedom in 3 key areas:

  • * Income (hard to be happy when you can’t eat)
  • * Security (hard to be happy when you’re constantly worried)
  • * Time (hard to be happy when you can’t spend moments with people you love)

If you want 2023 to be different you have to #1 develop your values. #2 know that if you choose growth, you will face obstacles.

If you sat down to visualize — your perfect future…

  • Physically.
  • Emotionally.
  • Mentally.
  • Relationally.

What would that perfect future look like?

What would it FEEL like?

Years ago our coaches taught us this principle called the Morning Formula.

It’s designed to help you SEE what your perfect life looks like.

You know you’ve designed something great when it feels LIGHT and empowering — not heavy and exhausting.

For reference, here are my current values now:

  •             I am who I am. Who I am in public matches who I am in private, vice versa, no matter who I’m with.  No playing chameleon, no matter how uncomfortable, I speak plainly.
  •            I invest 100% passion into my projects; if I can’t do that for any reason, I remove myself from the commitment to prevent DRAG and obligation.
  •            God’s way is the opposite way. I live and move in the spirit and my actions will reflect Jesus at all times, *not my flesh* and not the world.
  •             I schedule time for self care because I know when I feel my best and the happiest, I will be able to serve my clients the best.
  •            I prioritise my health because without health, you cannot have energy. Without energy you cannot utilise time better and cannot serve my clients if I am tired and don’t feel my best.
  •             I go all in on people/friends — not because of what they can give me. I don’t climb the social ladder, I pick my allies and stick with them.
  •             My family is my greatest and most important responsibility AND ASSET. There is no “balance” with my family — when they need me, they get me.
  •             I optimize for net life. The “good life” is a puzzle to figure out while honoring a set of commitments. I don’t compromise my values for ambition.

If you’re growing you will face many obstacles.

Life is only easy for the PLATEAUED or the STAGNANT… although that is just another form of ‘hard.’

A few years ago, I started studying people who lived and died before me.

People who carried massive weight on their shoulders…

And quickly realized that MOST of my ‘problems’ only seemed big to me because I didn’t have other REFERENCE points to compare them to.

As you progress through the levels, your problems get bigger because you’re comparing them to the problems of last year last season last etc.

Compare your problem to Abraham Lincoln’s problems and they don’t seem as big.

Twenty-nine years of failure, with one win thrown in the middle — and then immediately after his biggest “win” the country torn in half by war.

The whole country thought it was his fault at one point… the FOCUS necessary to just keep going had to have been insane.

But he was prepared to tune it all out — 29 years of failure had conditioned him to ignore the naysayers and just keep trying.

Winston Churchill survived one house fire, two plane crashes, three car crashes, four bouts of pneumonia during World War II, five wars as a soldier … and a prison break in South Africa.

People get bombarded with little problems and then retreat…

Nothing big can be accomplished through you if you’re unwilling to keep going DESPITE setback, trauma, failure and loss.

My failures condition me for bigger things ahead.

Be worried if you look up and don’t have any problems or setback or “issues,” that is a sign you’re not heading in the right direction.


Sometimes you look up to people who you think are magical.

But in reality, they are just obnoxiously and ruthlessly persistent and consistent.

All great men and women throughhout history, were born in times of great ‘chaos.’

Nobody rose to power or privilege via ‘safe,’ calm waters.

There comes a day when you stop wishing for a ‘luck break’ and you go about creating one instead.

If today is that day, I’d like to help you.

You have roughly 30,000 days to live on this planet. Don’t waste them doing things that do not matter deeply to you.

Closing chapters 2022

 —God will never ask you to let something go with the intent of giving you LESS.

Every thing you leave will be followed by more.

I think this year a lot of people have given up a lot of things.

Maybe you feel like it was worth it.

Maybe not.

In hindsight I have noticed that the bigger the “let go” feels the more I receive immediately after.

Hanging onto something old is the sneakiest of slavery.

There’s nothing wrong with you for closing chapters of your life and opening new ones.

You cannot go back. No should you even if you could.

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