When times get rough, you see 3 types of people emerge:

Lessons…..I haven’t always handled failure the right way.

I don’t know how you’ve handled it, but here was my playbook when I was learning…

Wrong way to handle failure:

  • Hide
  • Feel stupid
  • Make excuses
  • Doubt yourself
  • Wonder if you should try again

✨When times get rough, you see 3 types of people emerge:

Number 1: People who run, cower, and stop everything.

These people take the WORST losses.

They let fear paralyze them.

They sell at the bottom.

They stop advancing.

They stay glued to the worst reports and begin to expect the worst to happen to them. This creates a spiral of self fulfilling prophecy that ends up dooming them… sometimes, they never recover.

Number 2: People who do nothing, they “pause and wait” to see what happens.

These kinds of people don’t really LOSE a lot, but they don’t really GROW either.

Imagine being given the keys to a vault with a pile of gold in it – you know it’s there, you know it’s real, but instead you just sit and STARE at it. That’s this crowd of people.

They come away unscathed but no better because of it.

Number 3: People who aggressively take ground.

You’ve got to be a SPECIAL type of person to advance in the middle of an uncertain time. These are the Warren Buffetts of the world. The Andrew Carnegies. People who know they weren’t born to be average and are willing to “pioneer” in the face of setback and RESISTANCE.

If you’re open, we would like to teach you how to be the third person 👑…. Not just for your health, but in all areas. To grow as a leader, and champion of PEOPLE.

No matter what you do (entrepreneur a student or have an autoimmune disease — our program will enable you to reach levels of thinking and HEALTH that were previously reserved for the ELITE.

In addition….it takes courage to do our program….

Not many of us are truly brave enough to let others see who we are and how we feel.

Most people put on a show and hide behind a persona of someone who is DOING okay, FEELING okay, even if they are suffering.

I believe women are even more expert in hiding their true feelings and pain.

Women often take on kids, work, family, housework and more, and often make it seem like it’s no big deal, when in fact they are exhausted and depleted.

It takes courage to admit that you are not ok and that you need help.

You deserve to be taken care of just like you take care of others.

So why don’t you let others get this beautiful gift they will get taking care of you?

After all, the greatest gift in this world comes from being vulnerable and having our hearts and minds open.

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When you are in darkness, you are convinced you are the only one there. But you are not. Turns out, many (MANY) people feel the same ‘urge’ to push PAUSE….reset priorities, and build something healthy, balanced, fun.


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