Is the stem cell therapy a cure?

We have studied.

We have tested.

We have failed and been retested.

Eventually, we prevail.

There is only one way to guarantee failure and that is to give up.

Oh but we give up in the mind before we officially give up here in reality.

Don’t we?

People are drawn to quick fixes but mostly all the good stuff is hidden behind gut wrenching pace and beach risk adjusted problems and opportunities.

There are only 2 cheat codes:

1. Experience

2. And mentors

And a well sculpted attitude designed for climbing quickly.

You should reverse your disease because you have to.

Because if you didn’t, you’d live wondering what would have happened if you did.


The problem with stem cell therapy is that it is being sold to autoimmune patients as a cure and it is not the case at all.

We have talked to doctors and every single one of them told us that ALL of their autoimmune patients who got stem cell therapy either went into remission for ONLY a few months and RELAPSED and some didn’t even get any results at all!

So even when people get new stem cells (which costs 10-40K), they will continue damaging themselves with nutrition and those new stem cells will become sick cells and symptoms will re-emerge.

In our program, we teach how to create healthy immune system with zero negative side effects and results are long term when our clients continue following everything they have learned in our program.

Over the course of several years as a nurse, our client Sheila that we helped become symptom free in 21 days from Sjogren’s disease, she has seen her autoimmune patients have organ failure either due to their medications or due to an autoimmune disease.

She decided to do our program instead of stem cell therapy.

Every day, we reviewed her progress, symptoms, answered questions, provided education and devoted so much of our attention and time (plus a decade of our experience in disease reversal), that she was able to become symptom free in only 21 days!

• Severe brain fog, I could not even remember how to spell basic words such as “fever.” I was using google so much to spell for me. I was also forgetting what my husband or kids told me 3 weeks ago
• I had very severed dry eyes, mouth and skin. My mouth was so dry that I would gasp for air at night.
• I had difficulty swallowing, my food would just hand on the throat
• I had severe arthritis pain on my bones and joints. I could not even put my mask on without being teary from pain.
• I had muscle pain
• I was so dizzy
• I had abdominal pain and gastric pain from constipation (I was going to the bathroom only twice per week)
• I had depression
• I felt like my feet were in chains, it was so hard to walk
• I had these symptoms two years before the diagnosis and doctors just ignored it all • I had severe sinus disease that would give me chronic migraines

21 days after:
• On a 2nd day of the program, I started going to the bathroom
• In 15 days, my symptoms went from 10/10 to 2/10
• On day 21, all the pain was just gone!
• Everything was just awesome!
• I don’t remember the last time I used my eye lubricate, I used to use it 8 to 10 times per day because my eyes felt like they had sand in them
• I have so much saliva now and I don’t have any difficulty of swallowing• The important thing I feel so good.

The easiest and fastest way we can pass on value (and results) to you is not by you hanging out a free facebook groups on the internet.

It’s by being WITH us and helping you everyday.

Functional doctors and nutritionists have no clue how to cure people because if they did, their clients would be symptom free and medications free and normal labs just like our clients are. All our client resutls posted public and if you take the time to watch their VIDEOS you will see how majority of them shared that their symptoms are ALL gone in 40 days! There is a difference between claiming how something works vs showing consistent real life results PUBLIC as a proof.

We all want to be great but greatness is scary. If you’re not ready to do the crazy thingsm you need to get used to being avarage.

If you’re ready for personal help and results like these, schedule your call with us here and join our next opening:

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