Principles to live by

Life is going to hit you…

And it’s going to rock you from time to time. I only study people who are honest about that and willing to share the ways they made it.

Just the other day I talked to my father about how he handled poverty and moved beyond failure and setbacks.

He came to USA in his 40s with only 300 dollars, didn’t speak English, didn’t know how to drive a car.

Even though he was offered a job as an engineer, he had to wash toilets at the restaurant to make extra money to support our whole family in Ukraine.

Because of him, we were able to move to USA 🇺🇸 to be with him.

Your biggest opportunities will be the most uncomfortable and the hardest for you to do.

The one thing that can keep you from your future is you refusing to let go of your past.

People sometimes miss out on advantageous breakthrough and growth and momentum because they will not let of something that feels safe.

here is something to remember that good friends and coaches don’t tolerate your excuses.

The friends in my life are the people who tell me what I need to hear.

We can have the right skillset, the right circumstances and the right attitude but if you have people around you who make you feel good about your weaknesses, we cannot take advantage of what we are called to do.

It is not a good thing when you have people who tell you this: “oh honey oh honey it is okay, your life will turn around SOMEDAY.”

✨ You need people who will PUSH you forward and CHALLENGE you and will tell you that your life is a mess and who you are is not okay.

✨ Who you are is not who you called to be. Most people tend to gravitate towards people who make them FEEL good rather than towards people who MAKE us ACTUALLY good.


  • Long lasting achievements are orderly, methodical, and well-designed. You are not
    going to “luck” your way into sustainable achievement. Once designed, move as fast as you
    want. But take plenty of time to design. Mentally prepare yourself in every way possible,
    then once you are certain there are no weaknesses in your thinking, move like the wind.
  • It’s going to be okay – and if it’s not, there’s nothing you can do about it anyways. Humans over-assume the collateral damage of short-term situations. Our biology and evolution is built for survival, so it’s safer to make us feel like we are going to “literally die” if something does not work out, than to assume it will all be okay. Imagine being in the wilderness, civilization dependent upon you having enough food to make it through winter. Your instincts are to “assume” you are going to starve so you have enough. This no longer serves us in the modern age but our evolution has not updated to match.
  • if you can’t go all in get the hell out. One of the most dangerous seductions in business (and in life) is the belief that we can be “partially in.” This is usually rooted in transactional thinking where we become addicted to an outcome but do not feel connected to the purpose or the process. If you can’t be “100%” then every ounce of energy you put into it will fractionalize and steal from the things you want to be 100% into. Not worth it.
  • You can do ten times as much as you think you can but it will probably take you twice as long as you thought it would… don’t stop in the middle. Most people pay the price and then quit before they get the goods they paid for. Know the difference between being tired, and no longer wanting the outcome you set out to achieve.
  • If you win too soon you won’t savor it, and will always wonder if you just ‘got lucky.’ Sometimes the greatest gift will be losing it, and then building it again.
  • On this note, in many cases, the most profitable thing for the human spirit is a sea[1]son of setback, to retrain and retune what is important to you. If you’ve lost a loved one, you know what it’s like to be “retuned” to the most important elements of life. Loss always brings tremendous clarity.
  • Winning big doesn’t happen quickly — it happens consistently. It’s easier to go from level 3 to level 300 than level 1 to level 3. This applies to winning — it does not apply to skill. It will take you just as long going from an 8 to 10 skill level as it did going from 1 to 8. Mastery takes a lot of time.
  • The future belongs to the excited AND enthusiastic; … take your vision seriously and build an imaginary future that gets you out of bed in the morning. How do you build a great vision and great goals? Daily. There is no cheating your way to this — build it, then refine it, then refine it again. Then tomorrow when you wake up, refine it again.
  • Beware things that are too easy, there are usually hidden clauses or negative effects if the barrier to entry is too low. Besides, if you do not EARN it you will not truly OWN it. You don’t have time to feel like an imposter when you are fighting like hell to achieve something. Two people feel imposter syndrome: lottery winners, and people whose goals are too small.
  • Disengage from anything or any person that makes you feel weak, small, scared, chronically frustrated or anxious… energy is elastic and transferable, you get to control ‘what’ controls you.
  • If your life is getting easier as you progress through it, it means you’re getting lazy. If bench pressing 135 becomes easy and you do not increase the weight, you will atrophy. Nobody attempts to get strong by making it easy. You get strong by lifting shit that is heavy. When it’s no longer heavy, make it heavier.
  • If it hurts you, it is trying to teach you something. Don’t run from what hurts — listen to what hurts
  • People are going to misunderstand you. They’re not hating on “you,” they’re hating on the “role” you are allowing them to see. Do not make decisions based on the approval or disapproval of the crowd. They are making judgements with limited information while you see the whole deck.
  • Don’t do a deal if you don’t understand what happens if it doesn’t work as planned. Don’t do the deal if you don’t understand how it makes money. Don’t do the deal if you are desperate. Don’t the deal if you are scared that it won’t work as planned. Don’t do the deal if you aren’t working with an ally who you KNOW is 100% honest and truthful with you. Don’t do the deal if you feel weird about the deal for any reason. Great investors are great because they hedge almost every conceivable downside before going “all in.”
  • Once you’re “all in,” be all in. Every time you change your mind, you cut your chances of victory in half. This is different than adjusting based on new data.
  • The problem is not the problem — it never is — the problem is being “too busy” or “too confused” to sit down and think about the problem. There are only two types of problems that will kill you: 1) The ones you don’t see coming. 2)The ones you don’t fix fast enough once you see them.
  • Find successful people and copy their HABITS. Big outcomes are the result of tiny moves, done consistently over many months/years. Model those and you eventually get their outcomes.
  • If you do the math, about 99.9% of winning comes down to state control and managing emotions. Everything else is tactical and changes every 6 months.
  • Success is a LOT simpler than you realize.  People who seem to win a lot aren’t just doing all the time… they’re “seeing.” They see the world differently — simpler, steadier, and calmer, than you do. They do the BASICS well, while everyone else chases fantasies.
  • Beliefs are tangible things at a molecular level. If you thought hits your brain and you do not correct it or amplify it- you do not have control. You would not run a marathon while eating trash – you cannot win in business and while mentally feeding on garbage. Fix your thoughts – only allow what is useful and empowering.

Success in real life looks like repeated knockouts punches but somehow you just keep moving forward. 💪

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