// The Greatest Asset in the WORLD //

I was talking to a really close friend of mine two nights ago, and I said, “you changed my definition of good friends.”

“It’s one of most shining examples of a good human and a good friend that I’ve ever found.”

And I said, “you changed the values that I used to describe relationships.” And he said, “what do you mean?”

I said, “well, if we’re being honest, and we are, I have to admit that before we were connected and before we developed a friendship, I thought that I cared a lot about people.”

But to be honest, I viewed people a little bit as as ladders. I was opportunistic. There was some transactionality.

“You know what I’m talking about?”

“Like the people that you connect with because you have an agenda.”

There’s something that they can offer you, whether it’s status or opportunity or connection.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but this is sometimes ingrained in us societally.

And I said… “after we met, you’re one of the first people that I feel like outside of family that I’ve connected with, that you literally did not need or want anything from me.

“You just wanted to give.”

I said, “and most people are giving to get. And here you come along, giving to give.”

I said, “you changed my definition of people, particularly of friendships.”

And I said, “now, I’m not friends with people to get something from them.

“I don’t stack the social deck. I go all in on the allies that I’ve chosen, Whether they provide me opportunity or not.”

And he said this, he said, “most people view people and and other humans as ladders.

And I view them as doors, doorways, to providing value and to offering.”

And I thanked him again for changing that.

And I am reminded of that today as I just sit and ponder the blessings that I’ve got in my life and the people that are around me.

And you have the same blessings and the same people I’m sure at your disposal as assets to be cherished.

Not to harvest a yield from, but to actually go all in on the greatest asset is people.

It will always be people.

And when you know this and you do this the right way, people always provide a return.

By the way: Everything you need or want can be procured by creating value, thinking strategically, and knowing the right people. Network is everything. Don’t be so quick to ruin opportunities in high places. Everywhere I’ve left, I’ve left well. And my network has been in tact.

How to become succesful:

  1. Money can be lost and replaced, but experience, ability and skill CANNOT.
  2. Enjoyment, fulfillment, happiness… these things come from GROWTH, not from cash balances or even income. The more you grow, the more happy you are. This is one of the coolest growth seasons I can remember in a long time… I have ENOUGH and the people around me are happy.
  3. You should be ruthless about cutting negativity from your life. There is no substitute for a positive approach to solving difficult problems. The problem is people will read this and think, “well I will put positivity in their negativity” and they carry BAGGAGE uphill their whole lives. But when you get tired..or sick with a chronic illness..or have a “little” issues pop up at once (aka LIFE happens) you become susceptible to peoples influence. ONE compromise in your frame/lens and it’s twice as HARD to approach problems correctly the next time. If you have no problems you are dead. If you VIEW problems as FATAL setbacks you are dead. The REAL killers are having just as much fun whether there are winning or losing because they extract winning LESSON from the losses. Clean your environment..Your future depends on it.
  4. I used to sort and filter allies by their assets and opportunities. Now I filter for whether they’ll take a punch for me. Nothing has changed my life more than filtering out the opportunity seekers and freebie riders. Find a crew you can run with for LIFE… When it rains my friends and I go faster and harder. When there’s fire my friends and I absorb it. When pressure builds my friends and I laugh and ask for more. There should be nothing transactional amongst friends 💪

Reminder: if you are strong, you need to be challenged. You don’t seek unchallenged dominance. Sparring and losing makes you smarter and stronger. Only losers crave an echo chamber. 💪

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