Hacking Uncertainty

Change… Sometimes you can see it coming. Other times you just get a feeling inside, the vague sense that something big, something different is coming down. But now and then it takes you totally by surprise.

Regardless of how it approaches, though, change usually comes with a traveling companion: Uncertainty.

The defining feature of uncertainty is its very unmanageability.

Seeking to control it is like trying to rearrange fog. What is manageable, and what you should focus on, is managing you.

That is where your power lies, because that is what you’re free to control.

We’re wired such that we just naturally weigh losses differently than gains. It’s like we use different scales.

Dr. Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist, won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his research that discovered this peculiar behavior.

He found that losses carry twice as much psychological impact as wins.

No surprise, then, that when we survey uncertain situations, our attention focuses mostly on dodging the threats.

This negative bias interferes with the ability to see opportunity and stifles our willingness to take promising risks.

“Not everything that is bad comes to hurt us.” – Italian Proverb

People with a low tolerance for ambiguity like for their world to be systematic, orderly, and predictable.

Give them a map, a schedule, a plan . . . the more structure, the better.

The fuzzier the situation—that is, the more they have to deal with unknowns and a lack of clarity—the more bothersome it becomes.

“Wanting to know where we are going is often how we fail to go anywhere at all.” – Julia

You’re probably telling yourself that you’d prefer for things to be decided, squared away and settled, so you can know what you’ll be dealing with in the days ahead.

Just like someone refuses to do anything uncertain or different unless they know 100% results are guarateed.

Fact is, life doesn’t give any of us reliable currency regarding the certainty of our future.

The future is always a crapshoot. Let’s accept that. And let’s open ourselves to this uncertainty as it blankets our lives.

Instead of merely focusing on defensive measures, why not embrace uncertainty? Rather than pulling back, playing it safe, or taking a passive wait-and-see approach, why not decide to wait-and-do? Look at this as a unique opportunity to alter the angle of your life and bend it in the direction of your wants.

Allow it to unfreeze your thinking and introduce you to better possibilities.

People often try to cope with uncertainty by retreating. Confronted with a lot of unknowns, they shrink away from the unpredictability, seeking the comfort and perceived safety of their old habits. They want to feel more grounded—better stabilized—so they move toward the familiar in their pursuit of equilibrium.

Wrong direction.

Just remember…You’re the person in charge of your attitude, your thinking, your behavior—that’s all you—and you’re the one who must maneuver yourself through the uncertainty.

You can decide to curl up in a fetal position and cry. You could choose to be angry and go throw rocks at cars.

You’re free to resign from reality and lose yourself in wishful thinking.

You can drive yourself crazy trying to read the end of this uncertainty story that’s yetto be written.

Or, another option: You can stay fully present in the moment—explore the mystery of this nowness—and live into the uncertainty with everything you’ve got. It’s your call.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” –
Alice Walker

  1. Uncertainty does two things that are especially problematic. First, it prompts us to become overly preoccupied with our own personal needs and concerns.
  2. Second, it can cause us to reduce our investment in the situation at hand, withholding ourselves as a means of self-protection or because we just decide not to care as much as before. Both of these
    reactions work to our disadvantage.

The more self-absorbed you become, the more likely it is that uncertainty will prey on you.

Try to redirect your attention—get outside yourself—and be mindful of other people’s needs.

Spend freely of yourself. Give more than would be expected. Produce evidence that you’re
someone who makes a valuable difference.

Uncertainty feeds on idleness and inertia.

So it pays to be productive . . . to invest yourself fully in the situation . . . to be passionate with generosity.

That will serve you far better than obsessing about what’s missing and what seems hard or unfair.

Without a sense of direction, you’ll wander. If you’re not pursuing a specific end or destination, you’re going to drift. So the cornerstone of your strategy should be to give yourself a sharp aiming point—a clear intention.

GE’s Jack Welch explained it this way: “In real life, strategy is actually very straight forward. Pick a general direction and implement like hell.”

So think deeply and decide what you want to see happen.

The great psychologist Alfred Adler said, “Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.”

“Move and the way will open.” – Zen prover


The world is about to open up for you.

There is a collective fatigue in the GLOBAL consciousness.

Several years of transition.

In the middle of macro transition, there have been micro transitions. Life. People. Friends. Projects. Passions. Callings…

Change after change after change.

You feel like you can’t catch your breath – and if you do, it’s just in time to buckle up for the next change you didn’t see coming.

The goal is not to slow things down but to acclimate to your new calling.

If you can picture it — you were adjusted to a 20 mph life. The world started moving at 40 mph and it felt “break neck.”

But a unique thing happens when a vehicle applies leverage.

The speedometer can move up, WHILE the RPMs move down.

What you’ve been waiting for is not a slow down but a GEAR SHIFT.

You cannot go back to 3rd gear at 20 mph.

Nor should you want to.

You’re about to go to 4th gear, 5th gear, 6th gear.

But it will not FEEL like you’re running faster.

Inernally you will feel relief.

Your breath will settle.

The rhythm will kick in and your impact will begin to multiply.

What was once a room of 100 will be a room of 100,000.

10x is linear.

We are entering the realm of the exponential…

The game here is 100,000x and you will only succeed at this mission if you’re healthy at home, on the inside, and happy WITH YOURSELF.

Step 1: you’re going to be fine…

Everything you need to achieve has already happened 🚀

Step 2: you didn’t mess it up…

What happened was supposed to happen. You either got a lesson from it or someone else did. There is utility in every success and failure we are a part of…

Step 3: forward only…

Your mind will optimize around whatever your eyes are looking at.

To become formidable, you cannot go back or look back.

Only NOW and tomorrow can do that.

Happy Friday and get ready for it…

You will know you are on the right track WHEN: ✅ Things break and you don’t know why ✅ Circumstances CONFLICT with what you feel called to and led to do ✅ People who used to be safe feel a bit distant ✅ Old routines, habits & processes break Here is why: When a person’s calling begins to GROW, the old containers can’t hold it. You get used to this… In fact, you get AHEAD of it and it doesn’t bother you at all. You’re being called FORWARD and UPWARD — part of how you will know is when you are no longer satisfied with what used to satisfy you. Lean into it. And let’s grow.

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