Wrong conclusions lead to wrong actions

I like to start my every post with lessons.

There are 2 ways to learn:

  1. Make mistakes and figure out at YOUR own cost
  2. Look at somebody else’s mistakes and learn at THEIR cost

Years ago I became known for my rough and tumble personality.

I had an edge, and it could be brutal.

Results coming out of engagements with me were undeniable.

People were suboptimal. At times, sick, depressed, fatigued. Then – all the sudden, they were not. There was a before/after.

It was a science and I had it dialed.

But I noticed, as my clients celebrated their results, they felt almost… warped by them.

Too much, too soon. (imaging from being bedridden and hopless to walking and symptom free in 6 weeks? This is the type of results our clients get within days working with us. It is not magic or luck but science).

Results were created in a pressure cooker. It was harder to not WIN than it was to just allow the reprogramming and win with it. I have an ability to radically alter almost anything, the ends justifying the means.

When people exited the chamber (our coaching program) — they regressed back towards prior averages.

I do not work with people “forever,” or else I’m not doing my job. People stay until they no longer need to. My goal was to transform my clients in the shortest amount of time so they feel so empowered, healthy both physically and mentally that they no longer need my support or coaching. But as people came in and, then, out… they would atrophy.

I made tweaks, updates in our program (s), and eventually learned how to make the reprogramming permanent. But in that season I began getting a bigger spotlight.

  • Moved to a different state.
  • More clients.
  • More coaching events.

And I felt I had to adjust.

I mellowed out. Became less “intense.” And ultimately, less effective.

Part of this came from people who were not even close to me. “You can’t say these things,” they’d say, “you are a health coach, you need to be softer” Or, “Your culture is too intense.” or “you need to be like this or that doctor.” Or, “the words you say make people feel like you’re better than them.” everyone who has a mouth has an opinion right? The problem that opinions like that coming from someone who didn’t own their right of an opinion was damaging to my identity.

So I toned down.

Removed vocabulary and a level of energy that I felt was necessary to increase my reach.

What I didn’t realize is this: when your words change, your identity changes. And as my words changed, my personality changed.

And if we’re being honest, I became a suboptimal version of myself. I did not want to make people feel that I was “better” than them or that they were being “forced” to experience growth in areas that they felt uncomfortable in.

That’s enough context… here’s the punchline.

Earlier this year I wanted a reset. The things I wanted to achieve had been achieved. But the real THRILL for me has always been PEOPLE. Specifically, the undeniable growth people experienced when they’re around me.

So I started hunting. My personality is lethal; and by that I mean when I decide something is to be achieved, I do not stop until it’s achieved or I die.

In my hunting I had to confront a hard truth that I did not like: I had become soft. And had let real and necessary parts of my personality fade to the background because random people told me it made them feel uncomfortable.

Recently I started an intense regiment that has required me to be absolutely brutal with myself, physically and mentally… and I had a realization that I’m going to share with you now.

I am better than most people I know.

Not because I was born better (I grew up in powerty in Ukraine and my father came to USA with only $300 in his 40s).

And not because they can’t rise to the occasion… but because I am willing to do what others will not and therefore I deserve what they do not.

The thing people told me was a flaw is not a flaw but a feature.

Every time you settle for the opinions of the masses you LOSE what made you worthy of following in the first place.

I will absolutely lift. Inspire. Challenge and equip hundreds of people to become bigger than they ever thought possible.

But never again will I cater to those who beg me to be weak so they can feel strong when they are not.

You may not always like what I say and that’s okay with me.

You have two options when you in our coaching: ascend, or run.

Cheers to the ones who are ready to ascend.

And HAPPY SUNDAY. I’ve never been more excited to be alive…

Wrong conclusions lead to wrong actions

Most people draw wrong conclusions about their symptoms and disease, and they assume that just because something happened it is connected to something else.

If you make the wrong conclusion, it could lead to the wrong action which can then lead to your health getting worse.

For example, did you know that covid can make your bowels worse?

Covid will stimulate the inflammatory immune system so inflammation markers go up due to covid not due to disease flare.

If you have infection and your doctor puts you on immunosuppressant, this will make covid worse and will make you sicker.

One of our clients with covid and Hashimoto’s went to retest her labs and her antibodies went up and she panicked because she assumed her disease is getting worse but in fact her disease was NOT getting worse because in our program ALL her Hashimoto’s and covid symptoms were gone.

So, her antibodies went up due to covid NOT due to disease flare.

Another example is when someone gets better and they have NO idea why they got better but instead they make wrong assumptions of why they got better or why they have a great health.

  1. It’s like saying that if someone smokes cigarettes and doesn’t get cancer, and they assume that cigarettes prevent cancer, which is not true.
  2. Or when someone smokes cigarettes and exercises and they have healthy lungs so they assume that their lungs are healthy because of exercise and smocking, BUT their lungs are healthy because of exercise and NOT because of smocking.

Conclusions are dangerous.

This is why you need to have somebody who truly understands what it takes to reverse a disease FULLY and be involved helping you make the RIGHT decisions for your health.

In our experience working with clients 1-1, they have direct contact with us and we give feedback on what their results and symptoms mean. People usually don’t interpret their results or symptoms properly. As long us each client communicates with us daily and allows us to help them and interpret symptoms correctly, they experience breakthrough in their health.

Remember your brain has gotten you the life you have right now, you can’t trust it to get you the life you want.

You need to trust the person who HAS the life you want to get you there.

Many doctors can make a lot of fame by telling people they can help them because they haven’t even reversed their disease.

Everything we teach is based on our personal experience helping people 1-1 and we always evolve and optimize our program based on results we get with our clients.

When we optimize the way your body fixes itself, the way immune system and cells function, the whole body heals from infections and damage from inflammation.

How do you know you are fully reversing your disease or just managing symptoms?

Everything is getting better not just autoimmune symptoms.  Your energy improving, your skin and hair is improving, your labs are improving not just one thing.

When you continue to take care of your cells they continue to take very good care of YOU.

When you put your own values and health at risk in order to be more accommodating to others is a reflection of low self-esteem.

Once you are an adult, it is your job to make yourself do things you don’t want to do.


Because you have to, because you need to, because it is important.

Doing things we don’t necessarily want to do is the biggest barrier when it comes to changing our health and our life. No one wants give up the things that makes them comfortable especially things that taste good.

Why would you do something if you don’t want to?

Because what matters most matters MORE than what you don’t want.

If you want the most is healthy organs, a long healthy life, minimize medications, to feel good, to have better memory and better mood…then you are going to change things.

You are going to have to eat things that you don’t want to.

The mindset of being unwilling to see the value in investing in themselves to save your life is the exact reason people stay stuck/depressed/in pain and will remain so until they make changes.

Wealth is EXCELLENCE in 6 areas:

  • health and physicality
  • finance
  • emotional wellbeing
  • mental fortitude
  • family
  • and spirit A financial rating of 10/10 and a family rating of 1 is POVERTY. Don’t get sidetracked. Win them all.
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