Habits to MULTIPLY your energy and how to deal with haters

Energy is the “one ring to rule them all.” It is the kingpin of productivity and longevity.

Everything follows energy.

All innovation follows energy.

If you run out of energy, you’re dead. 

Did you know that Churchill worked ~110 hours per week for almost his entire life. That’s 15 hours a day, seven days a week. One time a reporter stopped him in the street and asked him his secret to accomplishing so much. 

Churchill paused for a brief moment, and replied: “Conservation of energy.”

When you study his life, you see several patterns emerge. One such pattern you can’t help but notice is his habit and routine of “macro rest.”

He worked hard in the micro. But it was not abnormal to see him participating in dinners, hobbies, and outings to recharge his energy. In fact, the people closest to Churchill go on and on about how wonderful of a friend he was. 

If you have been following our social media, you might have noticed that we often post videos of us doing self care activities such as scuba diving, swimming in the ocean, going for a walk, meeting up with our entrepreneur friends. We make time for the areas that matters to us.

We think of Churchill as this busy body “war time” general (and that he was). But it’s easy to overlook the fact that he was a good friend. A good partner. He made time (somehow) for the areas that mattered most. 

One of the biggest lessons I took from him is ENERGY. And not just the conservation of energy; that was a misstep for Churchill — he didn’t just conserve it, he CREATED it. It is important to find time how to fuel your mind with vision, discipline and routines. 

Sometimes we focus too hard on the little things, at the expense of the big things.

ENERGY is the “one ring to rule them all.”

Convert Criticism Into Fuel: how to deal with haters

The only way to guarantee nobody hates you is to do nothing.

If you can’t handle criticism, stay out of the spotlight. Make sure you never achieve anything and you never try anything. Work with your head down, eyes to the ground, and pass on nothing to the next generation.

If you decide that’s NOT who you want to be, prepare for the pushback.

The haters, enusares, losers.

The people who will crawl around attacking you for daring to do better. If there’s one thing Churchill was used to it was CRITICISM. 

  1. Haters hate themselves more than they hate you. It’s easier to pretend that YOU are the enemy than it is to accept that they are their own enemies.
  2. Most victims are just bullies who’s figured out the best way to abuse other people by convincing everyone that THEY’RE the ones being abused. Of all the toxic personalities to avoid – chronic victims are the most manipulative, the most confusing, and the most damaging. Narcissism and victimhood go hand in hand. Distance will provide almost instant relief and allow you to think clearly.
  3. There is always a victim somewhere. The more you complain the longer it takes to move forward.
  4. BEWARE bitter people. A person’s victimhood can masquerade as indifference, or ego. But they are deeply hurt, and the more you’re around them the more you will absorb it. Soon you will notice yourself being bothered….by everything. Perceiving everything as a slight or dig. Things that have nothing to do with you will suddenly seem worthy of your negative attention. And it will RUIN your momentum. The fix is realizing you’ve been tainted by another person’s offense. Distance yourself at all costs. The more bitter you are, the more unluckly you are.
  5. People who are manipulative won’t become our client (and if they did, they wouldn’t be good).
  6. They are entitled. You might notice that some people are trying to manipulate us to get a response with phases like: “I’ve spent a bunch of money”…”if you cared you…” “I’m a very busy person.” “if you don’t accept me as a client, I would do xyz.” “If you cared, you would do xyz..” This is not how we operate.
  7. We also don’t work with people who are full of excuses because they will be full to exercises in the program.
  8. This is why we have the process we do, to protect ourselves from people who don’t alight with our expectations.
  9. In our experience, working with the wrong people will do NOTHING but suck the life out of you and will suck the life out of other members in the program.

By the time our clients work with us, they will begin to notice increased drive, improved positivity, and a level of stamina and energy you haven’t felt for some time.

I am guaranteeing you all the things that come before that: boldness, confidence, energy, clarity and certainty, DRIVE, resilience; and a powerful operating system that will cut through obstacles like a warm knife to butter. 

All you have to do is go through it, and implement it.

Learn How to Bounce Back After a Failure

Churchill was notoriously headstrong. In fact, most the leaders and free thinkers we look up to were similarly stubborn. Being “stubborn” is not a weakness, it is a feature if positioned correctly. 

You must learn to eliminate the downsides of having an iron will or else your stubbornness will ruin you. Churchill was able to keep the positive parts and throw out the sunk cost bias that typically goes with strong personalities.

I want you to think about this:

  • What do you do when you try something and fail?
  • How do you respond after being embarrassed by something that didn’t go your way?
  • What steps do you put in place, before failure, so that bouncing back is easier if you need to bounce back?
  • ​When’s the last time you felt like giving up?

Great leaders have SYSTEMS for all of these things. And the bigger your mission, the bigger you want to play, the larger your failures are going to be. You better learn how to process and organize them now rather than later… 

The ability to BOUNCE BACK after being destroyed, embarrassed, or crushed by a setback — is one of the greatest skills you can EVER acquire. I want to install this skill for you in our program.

This “drive” to do well and to be successful connects and unites us.

It also puts us face to face with resistance on a daily basis. Achievement isn’t easy. It is hard. Sometimes very hard.

Just “surviving” can take a toll. WINNING despite setbacks, obstacles and problems — that can require everything. But it doesn’t have to. Luckily for you, there are four MAJOR lessons we can take from the life of Winston Churchill, whose life was no doubt HARDER than yours is — and in these lessons we can quite literally program ourselves for success, advancement, achievement, and mastery.

If you can go ahead and begin this programming process now, you will be calm when everyone else is not. You will see opportunity when everyone else sees chaos. And you will make decisions that are in alignment with your BEST future. 

People don’t lose when they’re down. They lose when they get afraid. It’s time to saddle up right now with the oldest and most dependence competitive advantage of all time: your mind.

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