The cost of our program

Our program is a lifesaving program where you get our help and support every single day to make sure you are successful are reversing your disease FULLY.

It is not “just a diet” or some “anti inflammatory protocol.”

It conveys a completely inaccurate idea of what we do.

We look over each client’s shoulder making sure they are making zero mistakes.

PLUS we teach how to have normal IMMUNE function which is cannot be achieved with just by following some diet or anti-inflammatory protocol.

It is a small fee for us DAILY obsessing over everything our clients are putting in their mouth and how they are treating their body physically and emotionally every single day with zero days off.

They are paying for our time and attention because they don’t want to mess it up.

Look at what happened to one of our client Shelly (video below) who worked with a functional doctor and nutritionists for 2 years and she spend total of $15,000 on appointments, supplements, following anti-inflammatory diets and her hand still became deformed because the advice she was given was not working.

“The damage that it causing while you are waiting to try to figure it out, what it can really cost. I had no idea she will have me take $500 per months on supplements and I didn’t know how many months I will be doing it. I had a sense it will take me 3-4 years to heal.”

We quickly helped her figure out what she was doing and eating that was causing her inflammation levels to stay because of the incorrect advice she was given by both her functional doctor and nutritionists. 

She did not need to continue working with us because she saw results and we gave her specific instructions how to maintain her results long term.

We pour an insane amount of our money, time, and attention to educate people on social media about disease reversal while at the same time monitoring each client and making immediate changes and course corrections based on their changes in symptoms, pain, mood.

This is the work we value most and pour endless hours into, helping our clients get their health against all odds and expectations in the medical world.

It’s extraordinary and we are so proud of it.

The cost is FAR less than what the value is to actually reverse your disease and the value of the hours we spend helping and coaching our clients.

That is our practice and our career, and it is far better than the traditional practice of dispensing medications to people who stay sick.

The hardest thing you will ever do

benefit of having one of the successful (if not the successful) autoimmune programs: I’ve seen a lot of failure.

I’ve also seen a lot of winning.

The data from helping clients daily to overcome self-sabotage, low -self worth, limiting beliefs when it comes to disease reversal, food addiction and negative mindset.

A common theme:  it is hard.

FULLY reversing a chronic illness that has been considered as incurable is like racing a bicycle against 100 other superstars, while it’s storming and the ground underneath you keeps shaking — then every once in a while the ground just disappears.

Don’t worry, the ground will reappear later on, in a different spot — you just have to be there, in that spot, when the ground forms — and avoid standing on it right before it disappears. This is extreme, but if your goal is WINNING, it’s best to set expectations ahead of time.

Being average is easier… temporarily.

Having average health is easier…temporarily.

Doing things that makes us comfortable is easier…temporarily.

You can get away with an average health and average results. It won’t require as much effort. But it will ultimately fail you.

Lesson is this:

For us to reach our goals – we must no longer rely on “good enough.”

A long time ago I listened to a Tony Robbins tape about the differences between people / organizations at the top and at the bottom. There is a big gap between “Good” and “Excellent.”

Good people are seldom rewarded for being good. They are a commodity in many cases.

Excellence is rewarded for a time but is easy to compete against. It’s crowded at both of these levels. There are, frankly, many organizations that do what we do and do it well and at times with “excellence.” The market will not reward us for being excellent.

The level above excellence, Tony says, is “OUTSTANDING.”

The distinctions between good and excellent are small. They are “small hinges” that swing “big doors.” The distinctions between excellent and outstanding are even smaller.

But the “runway” between these levels is MASSIVELY different.

Outstanding is exponentially higher (and exponentially more difficult) than Excellent. Here’s an image to show you what I mean:

There are three things you need to achieve “FLOW” state:

  1. A clear target
  2. Immediate feedback
  3. Slight overwhelm

They say #3 happens when your target is slightly beyond your skill set. This induces overwhelm. You’re over your skis… you will recognize this feeling when you’ve bit off a bit more than you can chew (figure of speech).

This is why not everyone should be an entrepreneur. This is why not everyone will reverse their disease regardless how much they want to.

You must get comfortable being slightly “over your skis.” At all times… this will eventually become normal and it will not bother you.

To the “I just want to feel better” crowd — there’s nothing wrong with you. You can feel better by doing just about anything.

To the “I was born for more and want to change the world and I was born to be disease free” crowd — doing so will be the hardest thing you ever do. It will also be the most rewarding.

Here’s a sign that you’re on the right track:

You will know you are on the right track WHEN:

  • ✅ Things break and you don’t know why
  • ✅ Circumstances CONFLICT with what you feel called to and led to do
  • ✅ People who used to be safe feel a bit distant
  • ✅ Old routines, habits and processes break.

Here is why: When a person’s calling begins to GROW, the old containers can’t hold it. You get used to this… In fact, you get AHEAD of it and it doesn’t bother you at all. You’re being called FORWARD and UPWARD — part of how you will know is when you are no longer satisfied with what used to satisfy you. Lean into it. And let’s grow.

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