This is what I’ve been waiting for

Over a decade ago, I had 3 different jobs.

I flirted with burnout every week for over a year. It was hard…

Long hours, low pay.

This is when I developed my enthusiasm for reading and learning.

One day I had a realization, “If I don’t get smarter, I will just work and work and work and never get anywhere.” 

Being an entrepreneur is about being of SERVICE in the biggest way humanly possible.

The thing most people don’t understand is that I have met many successful business owners and wealth/success is about massive GENEROSITY, not greed.

In order to create massive success, you have to give a minimum of 10x-100x the VALUE you are asking for in return.

You have to work 10x-100x harder, sacrifice 10x-100x more, and put in 10x-100x more risk for the sake of helping a tremendous number of people, knowing you could lose it all at any time.

Small business owners are often just 1-2 people, meaning they do EVERYTHING.

  • 1. I have personally paid $500,000 into business loans, operational costs, mentors, and marketing fees in just the last 5 years
  • 2. Recently, we hired a lawyer to review and correct a document for us and he charged us $3,000 for a few hours of work.
  • 3. I took out $83,700 business loan which covered less than a year of business expenses.
  • 4. Our father came to USA with $300 in his 40s.

We didn’t have any savings.

We pour an insane amount of our own money, time, and attention to serve our personal clients 1-1, while running our own research lab. And also fighting to make a living and run our personal lives.

My life was brutal for many years but then it started to pay off.

In addition, my sister and I had to hire to learn all of the rules.

And here is the point of this rant: every significant hurdle in my life has felt like an overextension.

This is how success really looks like…

Whenever you get to this point, you will have a decision to make. When you really go for it, it will always look and feel the same way:

  • You say “Let’s go, I’m ready.”
  • Then sh*t breaks and breaks hard
  • It gets overwhelming
  • You crave the simplicity of the old days
  • You must decide to push through to the other side, or stay stuck on one side of history

The people who choose to go back to simplicity and safety are the ones we never hear about. Nobody is studying the people who fold up and die in the middle. They’re not worth studying and not worth modeling.

Think about it.

When you want to read the life of a great entrepreneur, you pick the ones who fought like bloody hell to advance and level up. 

We idolize the influence a person carries, while attempting to AVOID the price they paid for that influence.

For example: Churchill survived one house fire, two plane crashes, three car crashes, four bouts of pneumonia during World War II, five wars as a soldier, and a prison break in South Africa.

The man’s life was incredibly hard.

That’s why we want to tour the museum and see his life.

When most people die, unfortunately, nobody will care about touring a museum with their lives in it. Their lives are too boring. Too safe.

Sure I want to inspire and light a fire the world — and in the same breath, I want my life to be simple and easy. These two things do not go together.

Can it be both?

Sure, in different seasons, yes.

Churchill picked up painting when he was ousted from his position, before and after the war. Lincoln loved to study. Roosevelt loved ride horses.

What do I love? Scuba diving.

We all require periods of rest.

But we must never allow ourselves to get to the place where we crave, above all else, safety. That is when you begin to die…

Your most powerful monuments will feel like they’re going to take you over the edge. But they won’t. The last rep will often feel the hardest, like you cannot finish. But you will. And when you begin to feel that you can go no further, it is typically one more step and then you are in the home stretch.

Do not give up in the final mile.

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Nothing can affect me, negatively or positively unless I allow it. The happiest and most successful people have well trained filters. We tune out what is negative and usually outside of our control and create a bias towards what is positive. Life and all its setbacks are happening for you 👊 Don’t trade them!

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