Building success is not about finding a passion – it’s about doing what needs to get done.

Building success is not about finding a passion – it’s about doing what needs to get done.

  1. You do the work because the work needs done.

Theodore Roosevelt, one of the most accomplished presidents in our history, explained his success this way:

“There is nothing brilliant or outstanding about my record, except perhaps for one thing: when I make up my mind to do a thing, I act.”

You don’t need more talent.

Nor do you need more opportunities.

We are surrounded by opportunities to the point they are almost not even helpful anymore. Too many opportunities, one after the other, can begin to teach the brain the wrong thing…

But what has happened to our necessity? Or our urgency?

There’s a good chance you will die before you are ready.

Most people aren’t chomping at the bit to pass on into the unknown — Viktor Frankl said the key to a good life is this: picture you are going through your life, right now, a 2nd time… and the 1st time you did everything wrong.

What does this create?

Necessity. Urgency.

You have a chance to write the book, sing the solo, or take the trip. Yes it’s scary – but the first time you messed it up by avoiding it altogether. Now you have a chance to take it seriously – how do you live?

When I am forced to answer these questions, my mind begins to shift…

  • I’ll get the license because I need it to accomplish a mission
  • I’ll have the tough conversations because other people depend on me to tell them the truth
  • I’ll write the essay, the book, the play, the text – because what if I die before I get another chance?
  • I’ll make the call because it’s what needs to get done

Who are you, when it matters most?

If you don’t know the answer to that, let me help you:

You’re the person who does whatever needs to get done, whenever it needs to get done.

It won’t always be fair, but it will always be worth it.

How to live without regrets…

  1. Become good at “goodbye,” many people come in and out of your life and you want to treat them well on the EXIT, not just the ENTRANCE.
  2. If something makes you feel alive, do it again..maybe you’ve discovered your calling. Don’t ignore the fire.
  3. Never waste a good problem, times of pain are the best teachers, the best mentors, the best coaches…lean IN, not away.
  4. Think twice before you say you will do something – remember you only get to live (approximately) 30,000 days. Invest them don’t spend them.
  5. Ask more questions. Successful people have an instinct towards discovery, not defensiveness. Leaning isn’t a means to an end. It is the reward in and of itself.
  6. Sweat more. Your mind’s ability to function at peak depends on your body’s ability to create energy. Physical laziness bleeds into everything else.
  7. Prioritize more. The act of prioritization makes you feel in control. You can’t control how much you need to do, but you can control properly assign what’s most important.
  8. Have less fear. Every decision you make out of fear will create the thing you are afraid of. Fear always backfires. Use vision instead.
  9. Failure is data, not personal — harvest the lessons and go again
  10. Front-loaded failure is the best kind of failure (get the lessons quick then deploy them in the field; not many people can survive repeated failure at the beginning of a new level)

Nothing can affect me, negatively or positively unless I allow it. The happiest and most successful people have well trained filters. We tune out what is negative and usually outside of our control and create a bias towards what is positive. Life and all its setbacks are happening for you 👊 Don’t trade them!

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